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Women's Ashlu Merino Jersey - Sale

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With its generous Anything modular pocket storage and soft, all-season Merino fabric, Ashlu is the ideal jersey for blacktop, bikepacking and pretty much everything in-between.

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Every detail is

extremely well-conceived. The design features of merino, zip pockets, easy-slide and sturdy stash pockets, colour, full front zip are so functional. Love it.
Jane | Apr 8, 2023
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I used this jersey for

I used this jersey for the Tour Divide and quite a few bikepacking rides before the TD. It's a wonderful, super tough jersey and I love mine so, so much. I am finally breaking down and buying a new one, but only because my first Ashlu jersey became faded by the sun after 28 straight days of being worn (but I still use it!)
Verified Purchaser
Aj | Aug 30, 2022
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I'm sad when this jersey

I'm sad when this jersey is in the wash and I have to wear something else! If you like Merino you'll love this piece.
Verified Purchaser
Laura | Aug 22, 2022
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I love everything about this

I love everything about this jersey. 7 Mesh's pockets are nearly works of art, and these are particularly well designed (and well-reinforced). I love the ombre colors. I own two of these in a light blue/green from a couple of years back, and they are my favorite jerseys hands down. Perfect for summer (and if you easily overheat like me, for spring and fall, too). I'm glad that there's a lighter (non-black) color--a must for me in the heat. I hope they continue to offer at least one light color option in the future.
Verified Purchaser
M G. | Feb 21, 2022
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I haven't worn this much,

I haven't worn this much, given it's winter, but this is a really high quality jersey. an issue for me has been the pockets sagging on jerseys and pulling down the whole jersey, but the pockets on this are not attached the same way as usual and I think that problem will be avoided.
Verified Purchaser
Angela | Feb 1, 2022
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Prior to purchasing this piece

Prior to purchasing this piece I was under the impression that all jersey's were created equal... goodness was I wrong. My favourite thing about this jersey is the Merino component. After heading up a big hill I would find that on the descent I would end up cold and damp in my previous jersey's... with the magic of merino this doesn't happen. Even after big hill climbs if I head into the shade or a big descent the merino buffers the temperature fluctuation. An added bonus on epic long rides when your rear pockets are filled to the brim it does not affect the fit or movement of the jersey as they can move on their own. The colours of this jersey are stunning and the fit is fantastic. Hands down my favourite jersey. The Ashlu stretches out a little so if between sizes, size down.
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Heidi | Nov 17, 2020
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So comfortable and soft! This

So comfortable and soft! This is a great fitting Jersey too!
Verified Purchaser
Hollie | Oct 2, 2020
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Great jersey. Perfect fit, not

Great jersey. Perfect fit, not too tight. Love the color and design in general.
Verified Purchaser
Kate | Aug 27, 2020
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My go-to jersey (when it's

My go-to jersey (when it's not in the laundry hamper). Finally, a women's jersey with a timeless design and pockets that fit more than just a granola bar. The performance-fit is comfortable for everything, from casual coffee shop rides to even the biggest days in the mountains when you need to haul a lot of food and layers. This is definitely the most versatile jersey in my drawer, thanks to its functional features, flattering fit, and temperature-regulating merino fabric.
Verified Purchaser
Alysia | Jun 22, 2020
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There is so much to

There is so much to love about this jersey! First, the coloring (navy) is beautiful! The wool is just the right weight (pretty light), and thankfully handles the odors after multi days on the trail. The full zip is perfect for all day riding - zip down on the climbs, zip up on the descents, zip it off by the lake. So many pockets! I love to keep all my snacks and essentials near while bike packing and the Ashlu has got the room! It's already my favorite jersey and will get a lot of use this summer!
Verified Purchaser
Erica | May 18, 2020
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