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Desperado Merino Neck Warmer


Merino-rich and always ready for the next ride, our Despo neck warmer stays warm when the sun sets, keeping you rolling in mixed conditions on multi-day trips.

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Great material, cool and warm

Great material, cool and warm enough at the same time.
Verified Purchaser
Roberto | May 17, 2022
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A really good piece of

A really good piece of kit, soft , light and fits really well, you forget your even wearing it , its that good!
Verified Purchaser
Dominic | Dec 30, 2021
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This is an awesomely comfortable

This is an awesomely comfortable and soft warmer. It was great to pull up higher over my mouth and nose in the chilly morning and evening hours, and also helped to keep warmth in my jersey and cut the wind when worn around the neck. Straightforward and solid product that performs as described.
Verified Purchaser
Maeghan | Nov 10, 2021
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Does exactly what it needs

Does exactly what it needs to do, is light as can be, and packs really small. The fabric is soft and it's thinness is welcome as I have found similar products to be a bit too thick and often hold moisture. This one does not.
Verified Purchaser
Jonas | Oct 23, 2021
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Bottom is fraying after just

Bottom is fraying after just one use. Pretty disappointing that the cheap Amazon neck tube I received as a gift is already outlasting this one. The decision to include a tag on this garment is a puzzling one (especially when there's a printed label right next to it), it rubs against my neck and eventually bothers me enough that that I stop using it. I want to remove it, but worry it might just make things worse. Seems like not much thought or care went into this product, just a high margin accessory to stock the shelves with. Not at all what I've come to expect from 7mesh.
Verified Purchaser
Jeff | Oct 21, 2021
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Love the Merino wool, so

Love the Merino wool, so that was the first bonus. Second is the length. All my other neck warmers seem so long! This one is so much more useful as a neck warmer as I’m not going to pull it over as a head cover. Can’t wait to use it for backcountry skiing too.
Verified Purchaser
Glenn | Oct 10, 2021
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Stoked to try this out

Stoked to try this out yesterday on a mini Epic mountain bike ride in Penticton to Summerland. Feels super comfy on your face...and keeps you warm when the sun sets. It only lost a star because the thread was coming undone on the bottom after one a little nervous about durability.
Verified Purchaser
Mike T. | Aug 26, 2021
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