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Men's Desperado Merino Henley - Sale


If it fits right, it is right, and for the Desperado Merino Wool bike shirt, that holds true whether you’re heading for the timberline, escaping for an overnighter, or taking the gravel road home.

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Looks so fine

I haven’t used my new shirt yet since it’s still too cold, but I’m impressed by how much lightweight it is. I’m pretty sure it will be really breathable even during the hottest days. I’m 173cm high for 68kg, I bought an S and it fits me, but as personal preference I think I should have sized up to an M.
Riccardo | Mar 14, 2023
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Merino material is lightweight and

Merino material is lightweight and very comfortable. Breathes really well, and has a cooling effect even in humid environments. Only negative is that the sleeves are long.
Verified Purchaser
Mikhal | Sep 7, 2022
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I am a huge fan

I am a huge fan of the Desperado Merion Henley from 7Mesh. It's perfect for the summer and with it being wool it is super silky. I have both black and brickwork and wear them on the bike and around the town. They wick moisture great and if needed can be worn a few times without any stinklines following you around.
Verified Purchaser
Brian | Aug 29, 2022
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I am a size small

I am a size small and this fits perfect. Very comfortable fit and love the style.
Verified Purchaser
Paul | Jul 4, 2022
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Fits great - love the

Fits great - love the texture of the shirt. Would recommend!
Verified Purchaser
Steve | Jun 20, 2022
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Easily my favourite shirt for

Easily my favourite shirt for mountain biking. I just re-ordered this after buying one last year. Fabric is a nice blend that breathes well and doesn't get too clingy when things get sweaty. I like the snaps that let me bring in a bit of air when its hot or snap it up on a cooler day. Also, it looks good and isn't too "techie" so it helps me be oh-so-casually deliberate.
Verified Purchaser
Tim | May 25, 2022
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A great base layer for

A great base layer for winter but also perfect on it’s own for warmer days in the saddle. I am 6’2”, 180lb and the medium fits me well.
Verified Purchaser
Murman | Feb 4, 2022
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My wife and I each

My wife and I each own several colours of the Merino Henley... nice to have a comfy tee that isn't necessarily super tight. Casual and comfortable, especially on longer days out or on our bikepacking trips. Great product!
Verified Purchaser
Rj | Jan 20, 2022
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I'm a big fan of

I'm a big fan of wool shirts - this one takes the cake. It's nice and all. Comfy, relaxed fit, wicks well, doesn't smell, yadda. yadda. yadda. Reason it's a winner: it is tough too. I ate it a couple times, skidding down a rock on my back. My skin: roughed up and bleeding. The shirt: ready to roll. Love a durable knit like this. Will buy more of these for sure.
Verified Purchaser
Rocky | Nov 10, 2021
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I love this shirt. The

I love this shirt. The merino fabric is a great weight. The Henley snaps are easy to use and quick to open. Sleeves are down to the elbow - a good length.
Verified Purchaser
Toddler | Oct 14, 2021
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