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For cyclists stuck inside staring at screens the past few weeks, this Father’s Day is hopefully the perfect time to ride outside once again, and an opportunity to look forward to all the adventures to come. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite products, guaranteed to get your loved one out the door.


The more you ride, the more you see that simple is best. And there's nothing simpler than the Sight and Desperado shirts. But dig a little deeper, and you'll see thoughtful patterning that makes the cut on and off the bike, smart fabrics that bounce back after hard efforts, timeless colours and easy-wear versatility. Pair either one with the mountain bike-focused Slab Short or gravel-grinding Farside for the ultimate shirt and short trail combo.

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Spend over 200 $/£/€, add a pair of socks to your cart and use code GIFTSOCKS on checkout to get them for free.


In the showroom, your bike is all sleek lines and whispered promises. But slap on a few bags and your new whip will soon start to whimper. The solution is a pair of bib shorts with pockets, like our new MK3 Cargo. With a pocket per thigh and three on your back, MK3 Cargo gives you all the room, with none of the gloom. For the perfect pairing, reach for the understated Ashlu, a merino-rich jersey that does double-duty when the road turns to gravel.

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And then there's RK1, a wicked fast bib short built for the season's hottest rides. Think sublime, century-ride comfort and a second-skin fit. Even walking around the house searching for that missing sock feels faster. Pair RK1 with Skyline, our equally speedy Coldblack®-infused jersey, and no record is out of sight.

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