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Discover how we use premium fabrics and perfect patterning to create the world's most comfortable road bike clothing.


Bike tops with lots of Lycra® can feel pretty good at your front door. And because of all that stretch, they appear to fit well, too. But with such a forgiving material, it’s easy to cut corners on the pattern and rely on the fabric to hide poor tailoring.

7mesh shirts and jerseys are different. We avoid high Lycra fabrics that saturate and hold moisture, causing discomfort and adding weight. Instead, we select hydrophobic, quick- drying materials and employ careful patterning to achieve an optimal riding shape. The result is a collection that fits perfectly, performs flawlessly and rides longer than a single season.


Every jersey in our road line-up features the Anything Panel, a modular system of five rear pockets built to stow ride essentials or even larger items in complete security and organization.


When you’re making chamois shorts & tights, it’s all about comfort and efficiency. Bibs have to fit right and feel good around the entire pedal stroke. They also have to breathe and offer just the right balance of pockets and finishing details. Basically, they have to do a lot.

7mesh chamois shorts start out as a pattern. Then we sew and sample - and begin all over again. We pair our deep knowledge of fabrics, ergonomics and the pedaling motion with a rider’s eye for features to create legwear that moves with complete freedom and functions flawlessly. And we pair those sewing smarts with a clean, understated style that stays sharp for the long haul.


Look inside a 7mesh chamois short and you’ll see our Clean Finish Construction - neat seams placed away from sensitive areas, and tailoring that turns the detail-dial to 11.