Women's Thermals & Base Layers

When it comes to tough conditions, Canada doesn’t hold back. Our thermal apparel is designed and tested in some of the world’s most challenging environments from our front door.

Women's Thermals & Base Layers
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New ColoursWomen's Seton Jersey

Women's Seton Jersey

New ColoursWomen's Seton Vest

Women's Seton Vest

New StyleWomen's Ashlu Merino Base Layer LS

Women's Ashlu Merino Base Layer LS

New ColoursWomen's Chilco Vest

Women's Chilco Vest

New ColoursWomen's Chilco Anorak

Women's Chilco Anorak

New ColoursChilco Neck Warmer

Chilco Neck Warmer

New StyleHDcap 7mesh x ciele

HDcap 7mesh x ciele

Women's Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve

Women's Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve

Women's Callaghan Merino Hoody

Women's Callaghan Merino Hoody

New ColoursWomen's Callaghan Merino Jersey

Women's Callaghan Merino Jersey


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