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Men's Synergy Jersey

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The protection of a windshell, the coverage of arm warmers, and the breathability of a lightweight jersey – all in a single garment.

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Mid-season jersey

Very good jersey for 8-14º C rides, with a base layer. Good wind protection and comfortable even with light rain. It is very light and the fit is perfect.
Telmo | Mar 12, 2023
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10deg c outside had a

10deg c outside had a skins layer on and this jersey and long pants and it was an enjoyable ride. Even on the fast downhill descents I was comfortable never got cold or a windchill. Breathability was excellent I was sweating slightly after a 80% paced ride.
Verified Purchaser
Nathaniel | Oct 24, 2022
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Love this jersey. Been out

Love this jersey. Been out on multiple rides in the 5-10C range and its kept me warm with just a merino baselayer underneath. Nice materials and fit.
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Bryan | Oct 7, 2022
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I have been wearing the

I have been wearing the jacket for a few years for road and gravel riding. The material has held up very well and the jacket is warm for cooler days. I recommend this piece as a mid or stand alone layer.
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Peter | Sep 26, 2022
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Probably my favourite piece of

Probably my favourite piece of kit right now! The construction is flawless, the fit is fitted but not overly aero tight or anything like that. Just about perfect with just a baselayer underneath. Might be able to squeeze in a tight jersey but that seems unnecessary. (I'm 5'5, 140ish pounds, 37 inch chest, 30/31 waist and the small is bang on). It breathes supremely well keeping things comfortable when it heats up, but blocks wind and weather well from the front. The use range is probably best between 10-18 Celsius though it could be pushed a bit either side on the start or end of a ride. I have another "scorpion" brand goretex infinitum jacket that runs about the same retail price and it feels far inferior. I also quite like the elastic on the inside of the pockets that helps keep everything in place. I'm reaching for this one whenever I can. Well worth it in every way. Highly recommended and indispensable!
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Afl | Jul 4, 2022
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I've tried other brand's longsleeve

I've tried other brand's longsleeve jerseys, and they just fail to keep you warm from the windchill. Wearing a jacket for windchill is overkill. This jersey is the perfect solution. You won't be disappointed. Hoping for brighter colors in the future.
Verified Purchaser
Nathan | May 19, 2022
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Really nice option to have

Really nice option to have for both MTB, road and Gravel. I am medium top always and needed a Large. Otherwise very happy with the product!
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Robert W. | Apr 29, 2022
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The Synergy Jersey keeps you

The Synergy Jersey keeps you warm on chilly days without making you sweat due to its very breathable back panels. Its comfortable and the fit is great.
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David | Feb 24, 2022
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I have several 7mesh products,

I have several 7mesh products, all, quite spectacular in terms of performance. I was amazed at how wind proof yet breathable it is, in spite of the marketing verbiage, which can tend to exaggerate. In this case, no exaggeration. I started a very hilly ride (with a 5 mile climb) in low 50s, with only a lightweight tank undershirt, and was fine throughout without anything else. I was riding hard tempo throughout, so that probably helped, but 35mph extended descent was also fine. Nice work 7mesh.
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Ted | Feb 15, 2022
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I've had a Synergy jersey

I've had a Synergy jersey for nearly 2 years and it has become my most frequently used piece of road kit. It provides adequate warmth down to approximately 8C and remains comfortable nearly up to 20C. The wind blocking aspect is the key to its performance. I live in Calgary where warm weather riding is quite rare so this jersey really is a go-to.
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Bwc | Jan 8, 2022
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