Warranty and Repairs

Warranty and Repairs

Our Product Guarantee

Unfortunately, no matter how well a product is made, faults can occur. At 7mesh, we guarantee our products against defects in materials and workmanship over the course of their practical lifetime*. 7mesh will repair your item when possible or replace your item (at our discretion).

The majority of our warranties are processed and repaired at our Head Office in Squamish, BC. But for customers in other parts of the world, we have repair centers in the UK, Europe and the US ready to get your gear back to its best without the cost or hassle of returning it to us here in Canada.

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  • For original customers with proof of purchase
  • Does not include crashes (see Crash Replacement below), normal wear and tear or improper care. Please refer to the care instructions on each product page as well as our GORE-TEX product care page.

*Practical lifetime refers to the accepted life expectancy of a product, not the owner’s lifetime. Eventually every product will begin to show signs of age and wear such as faded colours or pilling on high wear areas, and we take this into consideration when assessing warranty requests. It may be that your product has simply reached the end of its practical lifetime and it’s time to be replaced. 

Crash Replacement

We want you to be able to hit the hills and go full out on the flats without fear of what will happen to your apparel if you don’t keep the rubber side down - to ease your mind, and keep you focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

If you damage your apparel within the first 30 days of purchase, 7mesh will (at our discretion) repair or replace your item free of charge. But even if you’ve been putting your kit through its paces for a few seasons, we can still help to repair your crashed item, charging only a small fee to cover the service.

If repair is not possible, or if you prefer, we can also offer you a Crash Replacement discount towards a replacement item*.

Please fill out the Warranty/Repair Form below in order to submit your Crash Repair for review.

*Crash Replacement Discount will be determined at our discretion on a sliding scale for items damaged beyond 30 days from purchase.

What's Not Covered

If it's ripped, wrecked or needs patching - we got you. But smaller marks and scrapes that come from getting too close to the undergrowth or the wrong side of an oily chain don't fall under our Crash Replacement  Policy - no pun intended.


7mesh clothing is designed to be ridden in. We pride ourselves in making products that perform and last. Unfortunately crashes happen and apparel eventually wears out. We are pleased to stand behind our craftsmanship and will repair items that have torn or have a malfunction. 

  • Repairs will be performed free of charge for apparel damaged in a crash within 30 days of purchase, or items that are deemed to be covered by our product warranty.
  • Items that are no longer covered under warranty or our crash replacement program can be repaired for a nominal fee to cover our expenses including labour, materials and shipping. Common repairs cost $20-65 (€15-50) and we include the return shipping back to your home

Our repair team prides itself in repairing items to a very high standard, so that the garment looks and performs as close to new condition as possible. Unfortunately, some items can not be repaired to that standard. In cases where a simple stitch or button install can be done by any experienced repair person, we believe it’s far more sustainable and cost effective to have the repair done locally.

What can we repair:

  • GORE-TEX rips and holes
  • Trail pants and shorts - rips and holes
  • Some zipper issues (zipper head replacements, unglued or unstitched zipper)
  • Some stitching issues

What can’t we repair:

  • Items with extensive wear and tear throughout
  • Damage to jerseys and trail shirts
  • Bib shorts and tights
  • Zippers with damaged teeth or stoppers
  • Accessories (socks, warmers, hats)

 In accordance with our Health & Safety Practices and for the security of our personnel we require all garments to be cleaned prior to arriving at our facility. If your product has not been cleaned before arriving at the facility, it will be subject to cleaning and fees added to your invoice.


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