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Men's Skyline Jersey

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A featherlight, ultra-fast road jersey with Coldblack®, built for making the break and beating your best in the heat of competition.

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Anything 5-Pocket System

Silicon gripper hem

Coldblack® treatment

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The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

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I’ve never wore aero jerseys

I’ve never wore aero jerseys , this is my first one. You can literally feel that this jersey have got amazing aerodynamic. Pockets are large , easy to reach and it has two zip pockets for some important stuff, maybe I’ll finally get rid of a frame bag:) Shipping was quite fast, around 5 days, all my apparel was packed very carefully. The fit. Another 7mesh jersey a wear in M size, but this one I found more comfortable in L, because I’m tall and thin 197cm and 78kg. So M would be too short for me.
Verified Purchaser
Nick | Jul 26, 2022
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This is really a flawless

This is really a flawless jersey in my opinion. Tons of storage, fantastic fit, great feel. Arm grippers work very well, this jersey stays in place much better than all my other options. Fabric breathes incredibly well, very comfortable on 30+ degree days. Fit: I float around 65.5kg, and am 183cm tall. I purchased an XS and it’s a perfect skin tight race fit.
Verified Purchaser
Alex | Jun 1, 2022
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I bought this as an

I bought this as an update to my Highline Ultralight jersey because it has the Anything Panel 5-Pocket System which I find ideal for fueling on longer rides and those times when I want to store a wind/rain jacket while still having enough space for all the usual ride essentials I take on >100km days. It was also time to add some more colour to the kit! The material used on the Skyline doesn't seem to have the same DWR treatment that my Highline does - that material was awesome for summer rain showers - but the Skyline still has the same fit, with the extra functionality of the newer pocket system. I've ridden wearing the Skyline in >30C with 95% humidity where it has kept me comfortable and breathed well. I've also ridden with it on a gusty 12C summer morning and it kept enough of the wind out that I wasn't cold (even though I had a jacket with me ;). Call it a placebo, but on the days I wear the Skyline, I feel like I am cutting through the wind faster - and more records seem to be beaten on the Skyline days.
Verified Purchaser
Allan | Dec 29, 2021
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Ordered this jersey in black

Ordered this jersey in black and I love how it looks and feels! After a few rides, I'm appreciating how light this jersey feels, especially in the heat. Tons of space in the pockets and the secret zippered storage is AMAZING! I actually "lost" my multi-tool in the zippered pockets, that's how much room there is lol Very well executed design and fit
Verified Purchaser
Tyler | Jul 21, 2021
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I have only just started

I have only just started to wear my Skyline. Have been waiting for the hot weather and mother nature has not disappointed with record heat! The jersey is Tight, I mean very very tight. I'm 55 and thankfully I squeeze in and look ok, well I think I do and my wife thinks the red Jersey looks good on me so I'll run with that. I wear a small, and have small in a few other 7mesh that are not the "Skin Fit". I thought of stepping up a size, in this design. I've decided to stay with Small, and honour the "Skin Fit" and 7mesh's design of the Jersey. 7mesh has made a very well-thought-out Jersey. Fit and Finish is amazing and really helps beat the heat. I own two Skyline Jersey's and they have not disappointed.
Verified Purchaser
Devon | Jun 28, 2021
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I am really impressed with

I am really impressed with the construction of the jersey, as well how it feels when you have it on. There are many details on the jersey, that when you pay attention to, differ 7Mesh from other brands. In addition to the meticulous patterning of the fabrics, seam sealing panels together in the high stretch areas around the chest feels smart. With how impossibly lightweight the fabric feels, stitching panels together would not be feasible, I imagine, with how much stretch is happening. When you have the jersey on, it feels pretty darn good. The jersey hugs your upper body in every single way. The sleeves do not move at all during rides with the long section of tiny silicone grippers. When standing at the mirror to check out how good you look, the chest feels a little tight but as soon as you are on the bike, you realize how great the patterning is. This is a really great piece from the team and I see myself picking up another one. This jersey exudes quality and I think it shows through in the details. Although I have not had the jersey for very long, time will tell how durable the piece is. I have a feeling it’s going to do great. I am 5’10, 135 lbs, and I wear XS.
Verified Purchaser
Paul | Apr 22, 2021
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Although not proven by science

Although not proven by science "they" say if you look fast and feel fast then you must be fast which makes this a very fast jersey. The fabric is light and tight which makes it perfect for busting your buddies hopes and dreams on the local fast group ride. The sleeves provide the highly desired "pro" look as they come down to just above the elbows making you feel even faster. A go to jersey for super hot days due to the breathability but works great with a chill in the air while wearing a vest or jacket. The pocket system is great although since the jersey is made for going fast you probably wont fill all five as you dont want that weight penalty :)
Verified Purchaser
Michael | Feb 2, 2021
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Look, the jersey is fantastic.

Look, the jersey is fantastic. The fit and fabric is top quality, and the pocket system really is nice. I have never felt this "dry" in a jersey, even on really hot days. But, it is a little pricey, in my opinion. I'd love to see this come in under $200 USD and in a few more colors.
Verified Purchaser
Garrett | Oct 4, 2020
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Great fit with high end

Great fit with high end materials make this the perfect jersey. Wicks moisture extremely well, keeping you dry throughout your ride. Highly recommended!
Verified Purchaser
Devan | Aug 10, 2020
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The fit is super tight

The fit is super tight but still comfy. It wicks sweat unbelievably and is perfect for hot long days. If I was a world tour rider I would want this jersey for 21 days straight of 5+ hr days.
Verified Purchaser
Kerry | Jul 20, 2020
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