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Men's TK1 Bib Tight

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Cozy brushed fleece, a top-flight Elastic Interface chamois, three pockets and a freedom-enhancing fit - TK1 is the ultimate winter road riding bib tight. Updated for the new season with rider-trimmable hems.

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The model is 6'3 with a 40" hip and is wearing a size medium.

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Excellent shoulder-season tights. I love

Excellent shoulder-season tights. I love the straps, floating chamois and trimmable leg length...being a taller human, it's a consistent struggle to find tights which are appropriately long and comfortable. The TK1s absolutely fit the bill in that 6'4 and 180lbs, the size Medium are great. I don't feel like these will offer sufficient warmth during Canadian winter riding, but for late-season outings, 7Mesh have (again) delivered. Highly recommended!
Verified Purchaser
Adam | Jul 26, 2022
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I never thought I'd buy

I never thought I'd buy a pair of winter bib tights. Why? Because I'm 6'6" (198 cm) with the insatiable desire for on-bib cargo. Nobody makes long enough inseams. Nobody cargos their bib tights. Or so I thought until finding these. An added plus is the fleece and the non-flashy design. I'm here to ride, not to take selfies. My gripes are that the crotch can get chilly as you get into mid-30s°F (low-0s°C) and that the suspenders are too loose to provide a snug tug. While a cold set of bearings is a fair trade for a non-swampy experience in higher temps, I gotta dock one star for the loose straps, as I know a tighter fit would help the bib hug even better. Perhaps either shorten those up in future models, or offer a way to adjust the tightness — just my thoughts though. Looking forward to my next excuse to grab some 7mesh gear!
Verified Purchaser
Lars | Jan 22, 2022
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These tights are almost perfect.

These tights are almost perfect. The bib straps are wonderfully soft, the floating chamois design is fantastic and so comfortable, the cut to length legs are genius and the pockets are really handy. The only thing i would improve is the fabric of the upper thighs; personally i would appreciate more windproofing. This could just be due to the weather today (-1°c, and windy). I had previously used these tights in -3°c on a windstill day and they were fine.
Verified Purchaser
Kyle | Jan 22, 2022
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Love these tights. Was originally

Love these tights. Was originally a bit skeptical of the sizing but learned my lesson from buying shorts and went with the guide—wasn't disappointed (I'm 6'3, 190lbs and wear size M). They're a bit thin near the hip which makes for a tiny chill at the start of the ride, but it's a trade off for good venting once you warm up. And once warm, I don't notice the tights at all, which is as it should be.
Verified Purchaser
Ben | Jan 6, 2022
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Been utilizing the Tk1s for

Been utilizing the Tk1s for the past couple of weeks near 0 celsius conditions and they've been keeping me warm. The rider-trimmable hem works really well and I definitely appreciate that feature, else it would've been too long. The cargo pockets are a nice touch, although I personally don't use them as they are hard to reach once you start layering for the cold, and my most outer layer also contains a small pocket (7mesh resistance jacket). My only complain here is the back seam around the butt - it sits at an awkward height. You can easily feel the seam as if your pants are falling (imagine REALLY baggy jeans). Personally not a good feeling, and for the most part I only notice when off the saddle.
Verified Purchaser
Jackson | Nov 17, 2021
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My favourite tights to date.

My favourite tights to date. Anatomical shaping in the legs leads to a great fit and range of motion. Pockets along the back are a really useful edition. Sized down from other brands. 5’11” 170lbs and went with small.
Verified Purchaser
David | Nov 16, 2021
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I'm looking forward to the

I'm looking forward to the cold days. Perfect pocket management. I'm looking forward to the cold days. Perfect pocket management.
Verified Purchaser
Markus | Nov 8, 2021
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I am a big fan

I am a big fan of the RK1 summer tights, for me the most comfortable tights for long distance riding. I am very happy to find the same chamois concept on the TK1 winter tights, and, no surprise, the TK1 is also extremely comfortable! The design of the legs and top is great as well. These tights are warm and moisture transfer works very well. They are simply my favourite winter tights! Thanks 7mesh for once again a fantastic piece of garment!
Verified Purchaser
Arno | Nov 6, 2021
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As with my MK3 bibs,

As with my MK3 bibs, the TKI Bib Tights are exceptionally comfortable and make the cooler long rides that much more enjoyable. The older I get, the more I seem to feel the cold so these are a very welcome addition to my cycling kit.
Verified Purchaser
James | Oct 15, 2021
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Excellent bib tights. Fabric is

Excellent bib tights. Fabric is thicker than bib shorts with fleece lining. Adjustable hem is a great feature. Only negative that comes to mind is fabric in the groin seems more breathable to limit sweat. Great for preventing chaffing, but has a bit of a chill until you get going.
Verified Purchaser
John | Oct 14, 2021
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