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Engineered Airflow

Airmap puts air in its place, controlling air movement to optimize water resistance, breathability, and air permeability for different zones within the same garment. Mapped layers are applied in different areas, unlocking our ability to design gear that delivers comfort & performance in variable conditions.
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Using a combination of one, two, and three layer laminates mapped in different areas, Airmap is water resistant where it needs to be, while maximizing air permeability and breathability where you need it most. Each fabric panel is selected for optimal performance with all sharing the same face fabric.
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The Truth is in the Air

Air is the ultimate key to comfort. By using selectively placed Airmap panels we regulate airflow to also control heat and water vapour movement. Airmap garments strike the ideal balance between rain and wind protection, and venting excess heat and moisture - making them go-to gear for riding in variable conditions.
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Airmap panels come in three configurations - single, double, and triple layer. Science meets art as we map this technology across meticulously created patterns & articulation - ensuring you get the right fit, the right feel, and the right performance throughout.

Single layer panels use just a recycled stretch woven face fabric, treated with a PFC/PFAS-free durable water repellent treatment (DWR). The fabric provides full air permeability and some water protection.

Double layer panels use a stretch woven face fabric, laminated to a recycled polyester knit backer. These panels block most wind, and are water resistant, but allow some air permeability to vent excess heat and moisture.

Triple layer panels use a stretch woven face fabric, laminated to a waterproof, breathable polyurethane membrane, which is then laminated to the polyester knit backer. These panels forgo air permeability to provide maximum waterproof & windproof protection.

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Forever Free

The Airmap collection is PFC and PFAS-free (also known as ‘forever chemicals’) as well as being Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Together with the use of recycled materials across the collection, this helps reduce our environmental footprint and continue progress towards sustainability.
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Airmap has been extensively tested with real-world feedback from our global ambassador and athlete team, riding road, mountain, and gravel in all seasons & conditions, throughout the development process.