7mesh Ambassador

Innes Graham

Intro: Residing in the infamous Tweed Valley, Scotland, Innes Graham hit the enduro world in style. An ambassador for the last 2 years, we're beyond excited to have Innes pushing the limits of our gear and can't wait to see what he gets up to this year.


Innes Graham


Age: 27

Location: Tweed Valley, Scotland

Bike/favourite ride: I like the bike that lets me escape the house and puts a smile on my face. It all depends on the mood. It could be my enduro bike, trail bike, gravel bike or even bmx.

Preferred Riding Disciplines: I’d class myself as an enduro rider but love my gravel bike and bmx and have formerly raced World Cup Downhill

Additional Sponsors: Lots of cool stuff happening in 2024 – stay tuned…

Notable Achievements: 

3rd place EWS Round 1 2022

21st overall in first EWS season (2022) 

2nd place junior at Hafjell DH world cup and Junior national downhill champion.

Why 7mesh? 

I’m a firm believer in only working with brands that you really trust and would buy yourself as a consumer. 7mesh is a no brainer. The best outdoor kit I’ve come across. Amazing fit, fantastic durability, unmatched quality and superior service. Oh and it all looks dope. I’m very proud to wear 7mesh pretty much every day, on and off the bike.

Bucket list plans or goals for the future?

Favourite country to ride in, route, or favourite race:  I’ve been lucky enough to ride in so many amazing places through my career. Some highlights have been Hafjell - Norway, Pietermaritzburg - South Africa. Cairns - Australia, Jamnica – Slovenia and Whistler – Canada.

One thing you always carry with you on every trip?

You won’t find me traveling anywhere without a good waterproof jacket – would recommend the 7mesh Skypilot.

Go-to race day rituals or favourite ride snack?

I’ll always make sure to go for a quick spin before starting a race day and shake the nerves off.

Best weather to ride in? You can’t beat that soft, damp soil after some heavy rain with the sun shining.