7mesh Ambassador

Meaghan Hackinen

Intro: Full-time author and accomplished racer, Meaghan's taken the ultra-scene by storm, setting FKT's on some of the top routes and races around Canada and the USA. Having spent several years riding around the world, Meaghan's shared her stories in her published books and continues to get up to adventures wherever she can.


Meaghan Hackinen


Name: Meaghan Hackinen

Age (Optional): 39

Location: Kelowna, BC

Bike/favourite ride: Salsa Cutthroat

Preferred Riding Disciplines: off-pavement adventures & multi-day bikepacking races

Additional Sponsors: Apidura, F2C Nutrition and Light Bicycle Wheels

Notable Achievements: 

2021 BC Epic overall win and new women’s FKT

2019 & 2022 24-Hour World Time Trial Championship winner and new women’s FKT

2019 NorthCape4000 1st female; 5th overall

2020 First woman to complete an Everesting Roam 10 K in Canada (one of 5 Everestings total)

2021 Alberta-Rockies 700: 1st female; 3rd overall

2022 Transcontinental Race 3rd female; 34th overall

2022 The Big Lonely 3rd overall and new women’s FKT

2023 Buckshot Race overall winner

2023 Log Driver’s Waltz ITT new overall course record and women’s record

2023 Lost Elephant overall winner

2023 Dark Divide 300 2nd place overall and new women’s FKT

2023 Silver State 508 overall winner and new women’s FKT

Why 7mesh? 

The brand’s commitment to producing durable, adventure-ready apparel with the environment in mind is why I ride 7mesh. I love that 7mesh offers women’s specific clothing, plus they embrace innovation and tech in their quest to engineer apparel that can conquer the elements, and help me ride farther. I look forward to using their new line of Airmap products on the 2024 Tour Divide.

Bucket list plans or goals for the future?

I’d like to continue exploring the Okanagan and BC’s backcountry by and develop some multi-day bikepacking loops. Competitively, I am continually striving to improve in every aspect of endurance cycling—from stamina over long rides to bike-handling skills and leveling up my mindset—with the goal of racing more competitively in international events. My primary event focus this year is the 4,400-km long Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race, and I’ll be competing in Ozark Gravel Doom and the Buckshot as warm up events in the spring.

Favourite country to ride in, route, or favourite race:

Switzerland, hands down! I’m lucky enough to have several friends near Montreux and Bern. The cheese and wine is fantastic, and road cycling in the Swiss Alps is out of this world.

One thing you always carry with you on every trip?


Go-to race day rituals or favourite ride snack?

I can survive for days on Snickers bars.

Best weather to ride in?

Mild and sunny—the shoulder season in the Okanagan