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Ashlu Merino Sock

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No excuse socks that are always ready to go. Luxurious 85% Merino meets fine, made in Italy tailoring, and a reassuringly tall 7" cuff height.

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The Ashlu Merino Wool Socks combine rich, 85% Merino fabric with thoughtful tailoring for refreshing longevity. Topped with a 7" cuff height, the socks wick fast and feel exceptionally comfortable throughout week-long trips and done-in-a-day adventures alike.



  • 85% Merino Wool, 10% Nylon, 5% Elastane


  • 7" (17,78cm) cuff 


  • Made in Italy 
  • Reassuringly tall cuff height 
  • Reinforced toe and heel for longevity
  • Mid-foot arch support delivers exceptional comfort


  • Small: EU 35-38
  • Medium: EU 39-41
  • Large: EU  43-45
  • XL: EU 45+ 

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold, With Like Colours
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Dry Clean

Product Reviews

  1. Andy

    Awesome socks

    Good cuff height, and fit. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Really recommend these! Use 'em as biking and everyday socks.
  2. Kyle

    Perfect socks!

    Nice weight, comfortable natural material and perfect height. Great socks!
  3. Glenn


    I have been riding both the 7word and Ashlu socks for some time now. Unless I am doing a road Fondo, I am always now putting on these Merino socks. I feel 7Mesh and their use of Merino wool in their products is exciting. Even my jersey choice is leaning to products with Merino in it. I even use it ...

  4. CMH

    Really good socks

    I have several pairs of these socks. They are light, breathable, and very comfortable. I’ve used them for everything from shuttle laps, to gravel rides. They’re made to last and super comfy. They’re just really good socks.
  5. Matthias

    Just a pair of socks?

    Sometimes, it's the small things which count. In this case, a pair of socks. Now they probably don't really make you faster or let you climb easier, but they simply look and fit great. I was wearing some almost daily on rides recently and just tried to buy more, but they're all gone ...

  6. James

    Comfortable and functional.

    Hard to get super excited about a pair of socks, but they lived up to their billing as a comfortable piece of kit.
  7. Scott

    Shouldn't be this durable @ 85% merino

    I picked these socks at a bike shop in February. I'm a ski all winter and bike all summer kind of guy, so I tested them both xc skiing and tons AT touring. I can't believe how durable they are at 85% merino. They do as merino should and keep your feet dry and smelling great. They are the ...

  8. GI

    Perfect feel

    No reason I won’t wear them unless temperatures causes feet to sweat. Not overly thick.
  9. Justin H

    Outstanding thermal regulation

    These socks offer a lot of warmth without the bulk of a winter sock for chilly days. I've never noticed them feeling sweaty or clammy on the warmer days as well. Best of both worlds. Most importantly, the length is perfect.
  10. Ruby

    My Favorite Riding Socks

    These are my favorite socks for hitting the trails. The merino wicks sweat but is nice against the skin and never gets smelly. And they're a nice medium/thin sock which is my preference for precision on the pedals.
  11. Ashley

    Best. Sock. Ever.

    These socks make your feet feel like they're basking in the warmth of August in the middle of January. I have typically had issues with keeping my feet warm - not any more. I've ridden in everything from torrential rain for several hours to only a few degrees above zero and these socks ...

  12. Roberto

    Simply Great

    Always in constant search of good merino socks. Great fabric, great fit. Cool look.
  13. Forest Rips

    Great Soxz

    The best thing about clothing is when you don't know you're wearing it. That's the Ashlu Merino from 7mesh.
  14. Matthias

    Super comfy cold weather socks

    I finally had the opportunity to buy a pair of the socks, as my size was always sold out so far. I am very excited. These socks are very comfortable to wear and XL fits me perfectly with my size EU 47 feet.
  15. Scott

    Very Comfortable

    Comfortable and also very durable. Great socks.
  16. Ruby

    The perfect sock

    Super comfortable, light weight, soft merino - these are my favorite riding socks, hands down.
  17. Danny

    The perfect sock

    Hands down the best socks I have ever worn. Super comfortable merino coupled with a great fit and the perfect length. I only wish they came in more colour options.
  18. Danny

    Great value and high quality

    Great length and low volume with enough warmth for winter use and thin enough to use in the summer. What more could you want from a sock?
  19. kim Raeymaekers

    Great sock

    Used it for 16 days last summer while riding in the Rockies. Since it was the only pair I had, I had to use it every single day and it performed very well in the cold, as well as in the heat. I never felt like it was too hot, even with black shoes. After 16 days the heal shows some wear, but I guess ...

  20. Paul


    A good riding sock, good fitment. Still comfortable in wet rides or if your feet get wet from dew on the long trail grass.

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