Finding #SafeEscapes

Words: Pete Harrington

Photos: 7mesh

In the last few weeks, everything has changed. The world is hurting, and we’re all adapting. As friends, our small team has found that sharing both our struggles and our brightest moments is more important than ever. And we feel the need to build on that, to create more opportunities to share, to be positive, to be kind – to pay it forward.

#SafeEscapes is a place for creativity and community in the face of adversity. It’s about riding within new limits and finding ways to connect, whether that’s delivering groceries to those in need, cruising your favourite loop, hitting the trainer, binge-watching old Tour footage, or mapping out your next big adventure. It’s whatever makes you feel better and inspires others in challenging times.

To get involved, tag #SafeEscapes and @7meshinc on IG or Facebook as you share your own bright moments. We’ll be posting regularly from Squamish on our @7meshinc channels, as will our wider 7mesh family of retail partners and colleagues around the world, each contributing their unique take on #SafeEscapes.

Have fun and stay safe!


  • Use common sense and follow local guidelines. Sensible precautions include keeping it solo, smooth and safe – it’s in the name, right?
  • Be cool, be light. Respect that many people can’t do what they love right now.
  • Make it kind – can you encourage others to follow in your tracks? Can you help a neighbour? Grab a bag, be the courier!
  • On the trainer you could be anywhere. If you can’t be safe outside, stay home.
  • Keep moving forward.
  • You can never eat too much pizza.
  • Wash your hands.