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Compound Shirt

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A mix of abrasion resistant materials for added protection, and breathable fast-wicking fabric for hard efforts or rising temperatures.


This lightweight, comfortable, and fast-wicking shirt features a relaxed riding fit. It also hides a secret within its threads—added protection and abrasion-resistance is woven into the chest and shoulders for extra protection in dodgier conditions. What that means for you is a shirt that stands up to rusty truckbeds, rogue jacket zippers, sharp branches and crushed beer cans. From trailhead to après, the Compound brings the whole experience together in one tough package. 



  • Omega 100p Knit - 100% Polyester
  • 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane Woven


  • 144g


  • Hybrid woven/knit fabric construction
  • Articulated pattern works both on and off the bike
  • Highly durable fabric features double weave layer for a protective buffer

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  1. “Possibly the perfect British riding jersey.”

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