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Heading for Higher Ground

Men's Trail Shorts Guide

Whether you're planning on riding in the rain or the heat of summer, you'll need a pair of bike shorts to get the job done. And when you're heading for higher ground, 7mesh has shorts to suit every adventure. From all-conditions lines like the waterproof Revo to the sun-baked singletrack of the Farside and Glidepath, make every ride count with a deep dive into the 7mesh trail shorts collection.

Off the Beaten Track

Go get lost. At least for a while. The Farside is our surface-adaptable summer bike short, built for all-roads and styled for stops at the watering hole. Way out beyond the backcountry, across continents or spinning up after work, the Farside’s light and trim fit, 4-way stretch fabric encourages adventure, even if you’re only exploring a new route back to basecamp.

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Summit to Plummet

All-mountain riding makes some pretty unique demands. When you’re hustling singletrack one minute, and flying through the trees in a flurry of turns, taps and takeoffs the next, a bike short that can handle the ups, as well as the downs, is a ride essential. For the climbers and the lemmings then, there’s the all-new Slab Enduro Short, and proven favorite Glidepath - our knee-pad compatible, every-which-way trail shorts.

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Heavy Weather

Sometimes, there’s just no sane reason to be on the trail. But you’re out there anyway, parting puddles with fat, mud-splattered tires, riding it into the ground as the rain comes down around you. While others hunker down and stare at screens, reach for the Revo, our fully waterproof, seam-sealed GORE-TEX® mountain bike short, made for the muddy hell of the trail.