Women's Foundation Short

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Foundation is an incredibly comfortable padded women's undershort, designed to cushion beneath baggies during done-in-a-day rides, or while taking in new terrain over extended trips.

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Light weight for sure, but uncomfortable chamois

I love the concept so I bought these for mountain biking. Very light weight - but the seams seem vulnerable: If I pull the shorts on too fast it would break stitches. They are very low rise. They feel like they are falling down, but they're not. Chamois was not comfortable on the first ride. It felt rough. I've never had this happen before. Maybe it will soften up with some use / washes. I'm 5'7" / 140 lbs and ordered a size M. It's the right fit. It's just a little too low rise for me.
Julie | May 18, 2023
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These are great for summer

These are great for summer mountain bike days when you want more padding, but need to stay cool!
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Comfy L. | May 31, 2022
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The mesh short itself feels

The mesh short itself feels a little flimsy (like nylons), but I’ve handled them with care and haven’t torn them yet! The padding is minimal but effective. I’ve done a few longer rides without any chaffing so they are doing their job. So far, I’ve been comfortably wearing these under winter-weight tights and pants, but I’m confident they’ll work just as well under shorts come warmer weather.
Verified Purchaser
Kim | Dec 23, 2021
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It is my bad that

It is my bad that I didn't clue in that the images of the chamois show low rise. That is a concept I can't get behind, as I have grown accustomed to the chamois providing chaffing or rub protection on my lower back from the shell shorts and backpack. I was between sizes, and thankfully chose the larger size. When I put them on the first time I felt they were too small. The construction and materials seem to be great. I like the breathable mesh material. These chamois will be used for my short ride days only, due to lack of coverage on my lower back.
Verified Purchaser
B3xx | Jul 15, 2021
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I wanted to love these,

I wanted to love these, but the rise is way to short and they do not fit appropriately. I am normally a medium and I was in between a medium and large on the fit chart, so I went with medium. I should have gotten XL!!! I know that the covid-19 weight gain hasn't helped, but I haven't gotten that big. I think they need iron out the sizing on this one. I love the mesh idea and the "floating" chamois, but I would have to agree with the other reviewer that the chamois placement isn't 100% either. I think it has to do with how the shorts fit. I got these to pair up with my Glidepath shorts, which also have a low rise, but not this low. I'll grin and bear it this summer, but hope that they get a fresh redesign in the near future!
Verified Purchaser
C | Jun 4, 2021
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I bought these sight unseen

I bought these sight unseen after an excellent detailed review in the Adventure Journal (an excellent read, check it out). Overall they are as promised - super airy for hot and/or long rides, stronger than their lightweight-ness would seem, nice and cool. Quality for sure. The leg elastic is awesome - thin, wide and light -- I don't notice the legs at all when riding. Pad for me is fine. I love the lower waist line, more around my hips but coverage enough in the back. Love and impressed by all those things. My only issue is with the tightness of the waist band (again which is worn lower, at hip versus waist). The shorts fit perfectly except for the tightness in the waist band. I bought a Small. I am rarely an XS and never a medium. I am 5'5", 117 lbs. I am lean but a little curvy. In the size chart I measure like the XS, so I am surprised that the S feels too tight around the hip/waist. It is just irritating enough that I am curious to order the Medium. If I didn't know better I'd have guessed these are extra small. This is my first 7mesh product so not familiar with their sizing. For the price I want them to feel even better than they do.
Verified Purchaser
Carol | Aug 9, 2020
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My brief was breathable undershort

My brief was breathable undershort for multi-day cross country trips on the MTB. These come very close to being perfect but I think there are a few features to iron out. The mesh is very breathable, and not as delicate as I initially worried about when I got them out of the packet! I just take care when pulling them up. The leg grippers are excellent, stay in place, and don't dig in or chafe. The chamois is breathable and doesn't act as a sweat sponge while being high density to still provide cushion after long days in the saddle. I have a couple of feedback points which I think would make these shorts perfect! The chamois positioning feels sub-optimal. On my gravel and MTB bikes it feels quite far forward, bunching up under my soft tissue instead of also cushioning my sit bones. The other aspect I think requires optimization is the waistband which is quite narrow and on me comes up very low rise at the back. I've been wearing exclusively waist shorts for a few years now and I think that this waistband is just a bit narrow. You want the shorts to be close and tight fitting so they don't move but a waistband this narrow does dig in a bit, less of an issues in a more upright MTB position but is it slightly uncomfortable. The lowrise at the back just makes me feel like the short doesn't have enough volume for my arse. As this is my first 7mesh purchase it's hard to know if the brand's cut just doesn't quite fit my body shape or if these shorts could benefit from a couple of tweaks to the design. Overall I'm really happy with them and there's very little else like these on the market.
Verified Purchaser
Eleanor | Jul 20, 2020
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