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The ultimate lower-half luxury: pocket-packable, water repellant thermal cycling tights, made for warming from the waist down, now updated with rider-trimmable hems.

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The model is 5'9 with 37" hips and is wearing a medium.

The model is 5'9 with 37" hips and is wearing a medium.

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A Perfect Gift for Daily Comfort and Versatility

I recently gifted the 7mesh Women's Hollyburn Tight to my girlfriend. She has been thrilled with their performance, both for bike rides and everyday use. These tights offer a form-fitting design and remarkable surface texture, providing exceptional comfort. Their thermal properties maintain a comfortable temperature in various conditions. The Hollyburn Tight is an excellent gift choice for those seeking stylish, versatile, and comfortable activewear.
Balys | Mar 17, 2023
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It took a lot of

It took a lot of searching (and I tried many other combinations of tights over shorts and bibs), but this is what I was imagining and didn't think actually existed. I live in the SF Bay Area and pass through a half dozen microclimates during one ride. I've been looking for something this lightweight and packable for the days that start damp and chilly and end up hot and sunny. I was worried about the narrow elastic of the waistband that other reviewers mentioned. While I've had no issues with the tights slipping down because of the waistband, I agree that it would be nice to see it updated to a wider, more comfortable design in the future. Hopefully that's possible without losing the ultra-lightweight packability of these - my new favorite to combat the chill!
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Isabella | Jan 25, 2022
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I was a little skeptical

I was a little skeptical of these tights when they first arrived, as they are so compact I wasn't sure how warm they could be. However, they are surprisingly cosy and comfortable with a super soft, fuzzy inside and lots of stretch to allow movement and warmth without excessive bulk. The knee articulation is amazing as well. I have worn them in drizzles and wet road spray and been impressed with how well they shed some lightly wet conditions. I was also initially disappointed that the crotch gusset seam isn't flat, but I actually haven't had issues with this when I wear the tights over my bibs, even on 4 hour adventure CX rides. Would be a nice feature to consider revising in the next version though. I agree with other reviews that the waistband could be improved by widening to more of a yoga band. This would help spread the pressure and keep the tights in place, and would take them to 5 stars for me. But it hasn't been too uncomfortable for me. Overall I'm very happy with the functionality, comfort and cosiness of these tights!!
Verified Purchaser
D | Nov 24, 2021
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I love a lot about

I love a lot about this tight. It is unbelievably versatile for how light it is. I wore it on a ride that was in and out of sun, fog and drizzle; and I stayed comfortable throughout. Unfortunately, the waist band is very narrow and the tight tends to slip down. On one ride I wore the tights over bib shorts and they slid down around my hips.
Verified Purchaser
Klnd | Nov 16, 2021
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These tights are almost perfect.

These tights are almost perfect. The fabric is amazing - warm but still breathable, and it really does shed light rain. The articulated knees are the feature I never realized I was missing. Even the trim to length is a nice touch. But the waistband - yikes. I was hoping with the redesign it would have been improved! It's thin and digs in to your waist, and the tights themselves are lower cut than I think most cyclists would want - I constantly feel like I'm pulling them up in the back, and the front kind of rolls down as I ride. If the waist band was wider/higher like the WK2 shorts, I'd buy 3 pairs of these!
Verified Purchaser
Googz | Nov 15, 2021
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I am so excited to

I am so excited to have found a product like this for colder weather days. The Hollyburn tight is warm enough to keep you moving, and thin enough to not hinder your performance, with plenty of space for a bib or chamois underneath. I plan to pair them with the Glidepath to hit trails all winter long.
Verified Purchaser
Shanna | Nov 13, 2021
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Great when worn under the

Great when worn under the Thunderpant mountain biking in the wet or on their own, road biking on a crisp morning. Super comfy with flattering tapered lines - I wear them for working out and running as well! Great all round tights
Verified Purchaser
Zoe | Nov 12, 2021
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These tights were extremely comfortable

These tights were extremely comfortable - I was impressed by the fit, and how well they stayed in place. These are perfect for early chilly Fall morning riding in Ontario. They fit well over both bib shorts and regular cycling shorts, and provide an awesome level of warmth without being sweaty or too hot. 7mesh also has top notch customer service - I would recommend this product!
Verified Purchaser
Maeghan | Nov 10, 2021
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The best tights I’ve ever

The best tights I’ve ever owned..not kidding! And I own a lot of tights lol. The articulated knee is wonderful..so freeing. I used them so far riding, and hiking and plan to wear them skiing this winter as a base layer. Thank you 7 Mesh you guys ROCK!
Verified Purchaser
Lynn G. | Nov 10, 2021
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These tights are perfect for

These tights are perfect for layering over a chamois in the shoulder seasons. I have worn them on numerous autumn gravel rides on Vancouver Island so far and have been very grateful for them. I have been caught in a deluge with them and while they are not waterproof (nor do they say they are) they did not become water logged. The temp was still about 6 degrees and I was warm enough and they dried quickly. They shed mud spray very well because it dries quickly and you can literally dust it off which was impressive. I do not believe these tights will be warm enough when the temp drops around freezing, however, so I do wish they were just a little bit thicker/warmer as I tend to run cold. Overall I would highly recommend these tights and found them to fit true to size. I'm 5'10" and 150 lbs and wear a medium and did not trim the hems.
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Susan | Nov 7, 2021
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