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A new type of road and fast gravel thermal jersey, built to balance your temperature across more conditions than ever before.

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The model is 6'1" with a 41" chest and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 6'1 with a 41" chest and is wearing a size medium.

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WTV - great invention. Fabric is very soft on the skin and very easy to wear. Good to very good against the wind and good against short showers. Never too hot and steamy. After 2 months I have also bought the Chilco
Goran | Apr 2, 2023
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Great in Many Conditions

The temperature regulation of this jersey is insane. There have been times I have put it on thinking it was going to be too cold but with the wind protection and cozy inside it keeps you warm well into single digit temperatures and as you warm up through the ride it lets your body heat go so you dont get that damp chill on the body. There truly is some sorcery going on with this fabric and I can not recommend this jersey enough.
Michael | Feb 3, 2023
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I wore this today with

I wore this today with a short sleeve jersey in mid 50 degree, slightly windy conditions and it was perfect. Unzipped at times to cool down then frequently zipped right back up to get warm again. Love it.
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Daniel | Nov 13, 2022
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This jersey is truly excellent.

This jersey is truly excellent. I've never been excited by technical materials before, but this WTV tech is the real deal. I've ridden in everything from 50°F sunny days to 30°F nighttime rides and it's performed wonderfully every time. The windproofing/ventilating relationship works very well; in my experience, what I perceive is happening is the jersey is blocking ~90% of wind—enough to feel like it's windproof, but it also allows a tiny breeze to help ventilate and keep you comfortable within. And the waffle-pattern fleece on the inside is remarkably comfortable AND cozy. How I layer: on colder rides I wear a merino baselayer underneath which is sufficient. Even during the coldest, just below freezing nighttime rides, I've never felt a need for additional layers—the jersey is enough (different story for my feet and thighs however). Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with the Seton jersey. And while the price might be a bit high, consider that it's doing the job that I used to use two garments for in one (thermal and wind shell). Oh and it looks cool as heck. The one con: made in China.
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Daemon | Nov 11, 2022
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Just back from a riviera

Just back from a riviera Autumn gravel ride, perfect temperature…in the sun, in the crispy shade and on short downhills. Amazed
Verified Purchaser
Roberto | Nov 5, 2022
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The Seton jersey is my

The Seton jersey is my new cold weather go to piece, replacing a beloved but rather tired Castelli winter jersey. From the fit and finish of every seam, to a modern (and not too skin tight) fit I can’t say enough good things. Fit: I am 6’2” and 230lb and am XL fit perfectly with a base layer for colder riding down to -10 degrees Celsius when paired with the Seton Vest on the same size.
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Matthew | Nov 2, 2022
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I have been wearing the

I have been wearing the Seton Jersey around Vancouver, in 12 C cool darkness to 20 C warm sunlight. Just as it claims, it keeps me warm and blocks wind, but breaths well and does not get too hot. It is kind of magical that it is so comfortable over such a range of conditions.
Verified Purchaser
Derek | Oct 17, 2022
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If you love waffles, you'll

If you love waffles, you'll love this jersey. Super cozy and allows just the right amount of breathability so you don't overcook your waffles.
Verified Purchaser
Bill | Oct 11, 2022
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I am 5'11", 176, 40

I am 5'11", 176, 40 chest, and I ordered a Large, which is a perfect fit, I have so far worn this in around 45 to 55 or 10C with only merino short sleeve base layer and it performed great, looks great, no flapping, and I love all the pockets. I paired this with a matching neck warmer which make it look like the jersey has extended neck. I love tech in fabric and I don't like stiff, and this Seton Jersey moves with your body.
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Timothy | Oct 11, 2022
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After riding in this season’s

After riding in this season’s by bar coldest and muddiest fast gravel ride I have to say this is a new level of comfort. Paired with the Oro on a fast 50k gravel ride with a 1000 metres of climbing this combo was the best I ever tried. The water repellent in this jersey is amazing too.
Verified Purchaser
Teodor | Oct 8, 2022
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