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When it’s cold and wet, the only thing that can keep your lower half all day-dry is waterproof pant - a Thunder Pant, to be exact.

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Integrated waist adjusters

Large reflective details

Watertight leg zippers for putting on with shoes

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The model is 5'6" with a 38" hip and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'6" with a 38" hip and is wearing a size medium.

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Unstopple no the matter the weather

If you're looking for a comfortable and reliable pant to wear on chilly and damp rides, the Thunderpant is a great choice. These pants are made with soft and waterproof material that will keep you dry and cozy throughout your ride. I am a big fan of the velcro cuffs. I've worn these pants on several rides, and I'm impressed with how they perform. They're snug but not restrictive, and the breathable design prevents overheating. One minor issue is that they can be a bit tight at my butt, but it's not a big deal. The Thunderpant is easy to pack and bring on your ride, so you can be prepared for any weather conditions. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Thunderpant to any cyclist who wants to stay comfortable and dry on their ride. And in combination with the Sky Pilot jacket, you will be unstoppable no matter the weather.
Katrin | Apr 20, 2023
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Nice and form-fitting, light weight,

Nice and form-fitting, light weight, totally waterproof. My only recommendation would be to have another inch or two of webbing at the waist pulls so you don't have to rethread them through the buckles each time you pull them on.
Verified Purchaser
Sheila | Feb 25, 2022
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I wore these pants for

I wore these pants for three days back to back in grim conditions, constant rain. At the end of each day I stayed dry, not even dampness from sweating in gortex pants. The trim fit means they are great for pedalling and don't get caught on the bike or saddle. I'm 162cm and a UK size 10. I chose a small. They felt a little tight when first putting them on as the waist band isn't stretchy, but once on they fit like a glove. Good investment for winter!
Verified Purchaser
Rach W. | Feb 18, 2022
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I’m still dry, but I’m

I’m still dry, but I’m beginning to doubt putting my money toward high-end, waterproof breathable pants for mountain biking. The wear from my saddle, despite washing often, is frightening (whitening and seams nearly worn through). I’ve also ripped the belt loop off on one side, which left a hole in the pant waist. The pocket is very small - don’t risk busting your zipper ends to fit your phone in your pocket like I did. The gist is that, despite loving these pants for their functionality and fit while riding, I have nearly worn them to death after 10 months of owning them or, more realistically, about 5 months through wet, fall/winter conditions on the North Shore mountains. I love 7mesh product but would have liked these to last a little longer!
Verified Purchaser
Sarah | Nov 12, 2021
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This is the best bike

This is the best bike related product I have purchased in years! I have had these beauties about a month now and they have seen a LOT of use as they are ideal to ride in cooler temps, rain, snow or whatever Mother Nature has in store. They are true to size, fit beautifully, and most importantly 100% waterproof, yet breathable. I have worn these (coupled with my 7mesh jacket) on a 3.5 hour ride in a total Vancouver Island monsoon and been absolutely dry and comfortable during and at the end of my ride. They have become my go to bottoms for any weather ride this season (rain/snow or not) as they are amazingly breathable and I do not overheat in these. But the best part is how comfortable they are! Tailored so well that I honestly feel like I am wearing nothing! Such a nice change to have gear you can rely on to protect you from the elements but not be too saggy or too tight. And customer service has been a dream...I suggest you follow the care instructions unlike me, as I wore these pants on back to back rides (where the pants got filthy) without washing in between and I was starting to notice very subtle light wear on the bum seam (as a direct result from not following the care instructions and so I wasn’t washing them enough hence the start of wearing down the seam). But 7mesh helped me identify why it was happening, how to ensure it doesn’t continue to occur and even took the pant back to reinforce the seam to make them as good as new again! Now that I know how to properly care for my Thunderpant I am certain they will last a long long time...which is good because I intend to get a lot of use out of these beauties. These pants will change how you ride this winter, for the better. So get out there and shred!
Verified Purchaser
Lauren | Nov 25, 2020
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I was blown away by

I was blown away by the quality of these pants. They are lightweight, flexible and tough, with great features. I've worn them on the road and in the mountains in the rain, mud and snow and have had no issues. The adjustable waist and velcro ankles make the fit very accommodating. I am 5'1 and around a size 4 and I wear an XS. They are really easy to get on and off over shoes, but also bib shorts and knee pads. I ride hot mostly but I don't find these too stuffy when climbing (plus, lower leg vents!). These will keep me riding happily all year!
Verified Purchaser
Sarah | Nov 23, 2020
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I was excited to get

I was excited to get these in the mail today, as I am looking forward to some fall riding. I ordered a L and Xl (am a 29/10 in pants) because the size chart indicated I'd be on the cusp of these two sizes. To get the larges on I had to undo the side buckles to get the pants on, which didn't bode well for the rest of the fit. Once on, the waist was way too big, and when cinching the side buckles created puckering at the back of the waist. The legs from mid thigh down fit fine, but mid thigh to the crotch and rear was very tight, to the point where I worried that if I tried to sit on a bike they'd rip. There's no way I could put these over even un-padded tights. I tried on the XL to see if this issue would go away, and it didn't. I love the idea of these pants (and the cut to fit hem is such a great idea for those of us with short inseams), but the execution needs a lot more work. I suppose if you are built with thin thighs and very little derriere they may work, but no way do they work for someone with muscular thigh and glutes, which is too bad because the bottom half of these pants are amazing. The way the pants are put together to not use a fly makes them almost like swimsuit bottoms, which may be part of the crotch issue not having any articulation and fitting not just poorly but also weirdly. Back to the search for good rain pants.
Verified Purchaser
Hafowler | Nov 22, 2020
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I live in these -

I live in these - even when it isn't raining, if there is a chill in the air I toss them on - I tend to run cold and these keep me cozy without over heating. Barely feel them while riding, have worn them with everything from Foundation Bib to base layer to jeans for commuting. Absolutely love them.
Verified Purchaser
Steph | Nov 17, 2020
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I’ve worn these almost everyday

I’ve worn these almost everyday riding since I got them late September. They’re really comfortable to pedal in and knee pads fit well on the inside. It’s been really pleasant to stay dry and warm on some really cold days. Easy to zip off over riding shoes, which is really convenient. I didn’t think a pair of pants would drastically improve my enjoyment of bike riding but here we are. You’re legs carry you up and down mountains, keep em comfy and warm!
Verified Purchaser
Britt | Nov 12, 2020
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These pants are essential as

These pants are essential as the weather changes in the fall/winter. Keeps me dry and warm. They fit true to size, and I love the trim to fit feature for adjusting the length of the pants easily. They also pack easily if you decide to carry them along for the ride. Thank you, 7mesh!
Verified Purchaser
Nicole | Nov 10, 2020
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