Women's WK2 Short

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The WK2 is a supremely comfortable women’s short for those who prefer to ride without bib-straps. It is designed for escapes, races and week-long adventures.

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My new favourite shorts

I just purchased these shorts and am extremely pleased with the fit and comfort. They have a nice high waistband and the legs don’t ride up, without a tight band on the bottom. The chamois is very comfortable and extends towards the legs which was a big chafing area for me, but not with these shorts. I highly recommend them!
Laurie | May 14, 2023
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I like the laser cut

I like the laser cut edges on this chamois and the high cut waist. Very comfy. My new favorite chamois.
Verified Purchaser
Ftf | Sep 20, 2022
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Unfortunately not what I expected

Unfortunately not what I expected and not the comfort I was hoping for. A lot shorter on the legs and not as high on the waist as expected from seeing it online. While I wear these under MTB shortd I dont mind the legs being short but wish they would be higher up top. Though my biggest issue is the padding. It does cover a lot of area where its not needed but my pubic bone has zero padding and it causes discomfort while riding. It almost feels like there was not enough fabric and was sewed together incorrect in some spots. Try on in store if you have a chance to, before ordering.
Verified Purchaser
P. | Jul 19, 2022
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I really wanted to love

I really wanted to love these shorts! I own two pairs of the WK3 bibs and love the fit and chamois for long distance rides. I though this pair of shorts would be a great addition to my collection for rides when bibs aren't as convenient and was pretty confident in my purchase. Unfortunately, when I put them on the leg length/cut was much shorter than I expected given the photos. I decided to go for a ride I them anyway, thinking I'd get used to the length, however the shorts only ended riding/rolling up my thigh to an uncomfortably short fit :(
Verified Purchaser
Jo | Jun 12, 2022
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I’ve worn these quite a

I’ve worn these quite a bit since I got them last summer. Overall they are great, true to size comfy chamois, nice material, don’t fall down. Definitely recommend.
Verified Purchaser
Ls | Apr 2, 2021
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I haven’t bought shorts that

I haven’t bought shorts that aren’t bibs for years, because I find they always need adjusting during rides. These are great, though. They are high waisted enough to stay put and definitely easier than bibs for rest stops.
Verified Purchaser
Lisa | Sep 11, 2020
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My wife wanted these, so

My wife wanted these, so I ordered them for her and she is very pleased with the WK2 short. Especially the seamless chamois, which according to her is the most comfortable she's ever worn. Also, she complimented the yoga pant like feeling and silhouette. The shorts are mostly used on mtb rides, either as a standalone or under shorts, depending on the weather and temps. The size chart was very helpful too. Bottom line, great shorts and highly recommended.
Verified Purchaser
Reto | Aug 30, 2020
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This chamois is unlike any

This chamois is unlike any other chamois I've ever worn. Great moisture management that keeps you dry. No seams ..... how did they do that? Absolutely no rubbing on the sit bones. This chamois knows how to stay in place against your skin. Totally impressed. These shorts are great quality with good compression, nice waist band and comfortable/effective leg grippers. The shorts are great but it is the chamois that I am so impressed with. Just bought 2 more pair .......
Verified Purchaser
Nicole | Aug 11, 2020
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I tested the shorts during

I tested the shorts during a 700 km ride and I liked it very much. The chamois is comfortable. The rubber of the legs is not very strong. That is really good in warm temperatures, but when you wear legwarmers the fabric rolls up.
Verified Purchaser
Manja | Oct 12, 2019
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