Women's WK3 Cargo Bib Short

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With its integral thigh and back pockets, the WK3 Cargo Bib Short introduces a whole new way to stow ride essentials from the saddle.

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Clean cut hem with silicon gripper

Two large leg pockets

Silky microfibre waist with open mesh top


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The model is 5'5" with a 40" hip and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'5" with a 40" hip and is wearing a size medium.

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Cannot say enough good things…

The best shorts for riding! After 2days of 5 hr Mtn bike rides, these made it possible to ride a third day. Super comfortable fit that keeps you compressed, without being restrictive or rolling down at the waist, like other brands. The fabric is soft and breathable. The design team really thought of everything with these! The straps are stretchy enough to allow bathroom breaks to be a breeze, and all the pockets is an added bonus. Great investment that you will not regret.
Sian | May 19, 2023
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Best solution for long rides

If you're in the market for a cycling bib that combines comfort, functionality, and style, you won't be disappointed with the WK3 Cargo Bib Shorts. These shorts are the perfect blend of form and function, with a comfortable fit and plenty of storage space for your essentials. One of the standout features of these bib shorts is the cargo pockets on the thighs. They're the perfect size for storing a phone, energy bars, or other small items you may need on a long ride. The only downside is that the pockets can be a bit cut in the leg, but it's a minor issue when you consider all the benefits. The Pull2P system is my favorite feature of 7mesh which sets these shorts apart. It makes it easy to take quick bio breaks without having to remove your jersey, making it a convenient and time-saving design. The chamois is also incredibly comfortable, providing maximum support without being too bulky or obtrusive. Overall, I highly recommend these bibs for any cyclist looking for a great bib short that can store all their essentials and is a super fast bio break solution. Despite the minor issue with the pocket cut, these shorts are a great investment that will serve you well for many rides to come.
Katrin | Apr 20, 2023
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My favorites

I have worn these on long multi-day bikepacking trips and the chamois is the best on the market. The pockets are handy and the drop bib function is flawless. Definitely worth the money.
Danielle | Apr 6, 2023
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Best Bib ever!

Throughout my cycling career I tested a lot of different brands. Many are okay but this one is simply another level. The chamois is is not too thick and sewn in seamless which is absolutely great to wear (never seen this technique before). Another comfy-point: the elastic straps run outside (not over) your breast. The bio-break system works perfectly (faster than the men now :D). All the pockets make it possible to ride with a loose fit shirt what I love for Gravel or MTB rides. Finally you have the choice between beautiful colours. Awesome bibs, totally worth the money!
Kathi | Mar 22, 2023
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I'm a picky bib wearer

I'm a picky bib wearer and have tried most of the luxury brands out there. These bib shorts are up there in quality and the price is great. I bought these sized up as these were my go to through my pregnancy. The chamois worked great, the back straps are amazing for frequent peeing in the woods, the pockets were enough to store everything I couldn't carry on my bike (no need to wear a fanny pack on short rides!) and the mesh worked well in the front. My only negative is that there is an extra piece of fabric between the chamois and the pockets in the back that I would rather not have. It is a little bulky but I do not notice it once the bibs are on and I'm biking.
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Andge | Sep 22, 2022
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Great quality, comfortable, sizing is

Great quality, comfortable, sizing is right (slim fit) and chamois is perfect!
Verified Purchaser
Emanuela | Sep 21, 2022
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This is my first-ever pair

This is my first-ever pair of bib shorts and I love them. I was worried about the whole peeing thing but these are so easy to pull down; it’s no problem at all. They feel good, look good and don’t ride up. I’m going to be buying another pair!
Verified Purchaser
Josie | Aug 22, 2022
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I purchased the Black (Reflective

I purchased the Black (Reflective Pocket) Wk3 Cargo Bib short. I heard great things about these bib shorts, and I wanted to give 7Mesh a try. Being from Vancouver, I wanted to support a local company. Pros: The shorts' fit, pockets, and compression are great. I am 5’1 and 120 pounds, and the size small fits me perfectly. However, I am very disappointed in the chamois. I am a gravel cyclist and have found that the chamois does not provide adequate support/comfort. I started getting uncomfortable around 25km during a mixed road/gravel ride. On longer rides, I would not wear these at all.
Verified Purchaser
Michelle | Aug 18, 2022
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I bought these to use

I bought these to use in an ultra race. Very comfortable to wear, though a little difficult to get on if you have wet/sweaty skin. They don't give me sausage legs which is great. Good for temperatures from 10-35 degrees, rain and sunshine. I love the pockets and they're easy enough for "nature breaks" too. I wore them for about 48 hours straight and even after that they were comfortable and did not start to sag at all.
Verified Purchaser
Reeta | Jun 1, 2022
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The pockets at the sides

The pockets at the sides are great to put your mobile or bars in it. And it is a gamechanger when you can go for pee without getting completey undressed. Great!!!
Verified Purchaser
Nisl | May 30, 2022
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