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Copilot is the ultimate back up shell - a durable, waterproof, windproof GORE-TEX Paclite® Plus jacket that packs down into its rear pocket AND clips to your bike for bikepacking and trail riding in changeable conditions.

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Best riding jacket

This jacket is not only fit amazing, especially for women but it’s functionality is even better. I never get wet when I wear this jacket!! Im also tall and the sleeves fit beautifully. Of note, my dog was on medication that made him pee more frequently and he had an accident in the house in which he decided to pee near my bike where my jacket was hanging up. The jacket was subjected to the urine of a 150lb St. Bernard and it rolled right off the jacket and never once smelled. If you haven’t clicked check out yet you should do it right now.
Ella | May 6, 2023
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Awesome jacket

As the title says, an awesome jacket! This is my first GoreTex item and I love it. I've been hiking in a decade-old jacket and tried the Copilot for the first time this morning and I've been doing it wrong for so long apparently. I thought I was just sweating like crazy being out of shape, but it turns out I needed a breathable fabric. It's lightweight but manages to keep me warm enough. It wasn't raining when I wore it, but I know that won't be an issue at all - I'm actually pumped to try it when it's raining! My one tiny nitpick is there aren't traditional side pockets, only one in the back - but that's a minor nitpick. Love the colour, love the fit, and love that it works exactly as I need it to!
Vivian | Mar 18, 2023
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