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Men's TK1 Bib Tight

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Cozy brushed fleece, a top-flight Elastic Interface chamois, three pockets and a freedom-enhancing fit - TK1 is the ultimate winter road riding bib tight. Updated for the new season with rider-trimmable hems.

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The TK1 Tight is our warmest, most protective thermal legwear. DWR Vuelta manages moisture on the hard face nylon exterior while a cozy brushed fleece provides next to skin comfort. TK1's Performance Force chamois features a multidirectional curvature design that enhances anatomical fit, with a central channel to improve blood flow and reduce pressure and numbness on even the longest rides.

The tight features tension free, buttery soft elastic bib straps and our Anything Series three-pocket rear storage system for maximum versatility. Unique patterning and articulation prevent fabric bunching at the back of the knee while enhancing freedom of movement throughout the pedal stroke. Large reflective details ensure visibility on the road no matter how inclement the weather.

For Fall '21, TK1 features 2.5" of rider-trimmable hems to help you dial in the perfect leg length.

How to Trim

Wear TK1 at home, and decide first if you have the correct size. If so, go for a ride, and note how much - if at all - the hem needs trimming. Now head home and make a beverage. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut just below the relevant bar tack, taking care not to cut the bar tack itself (or spill the beverage). Now sit back and admire your handiwork - and take your new tights for a spin!



  • Body: 85% nylon, 15% elastane with DWR Chamois: Elastic Interface Mens Performance Force (Made with recycled content)


  • Men’s: 290g


  • 3 Pocket storage system, overshort compatible
  • 45mm soft elastic bib straps
  • Mesh chamois hammock lining
  • Clean Finish Construction
  • Soft brushed knit bib strap junction
  • Large reflective details
  • Clean cut leg hem
  • Articulated leg
  • Inseam - 29” / 73.5cm


  • XS - 29 ½” /75
  • S - 30” /76
  • M - 30 ½” / 77.5
  • L - 31” / 79
  • XL - 31 ½” / 80
  • XXL - 32” / 81
  • Hem trimmable by up to 2.5"

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

Hit the hills and go full out on the flats without worrying about keeping the rubber side down. To ease your mind and stay focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

Skin Fit

Skin Fit

Products that blend performance fabrics with highly articulated patterns to create a close-fit that feels like an extension of your body. Skin Fit apparel improves aerodynamics, moisture management and thermal efficiency.

7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight
  1. I started road riding, in New York, then lived in Michigan before eventually settling down in Boulder, Colorado - I’ve done a lot of cold rides in tights during that time, but none have impressed me as much as 7mesh’s TK1.

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  2. 7mesh’s newest winter tights, the TK1 is designed for the coldest winter days. The brushed fleece liner will keep you snug, while the DWR coating on the exterior keeps unwanted moisture out. Reflective accents help increase your visibility to others.

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  3. Great-fitting, water-resistant thermal bibs with three-pocket storage – highly recommended

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7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight

7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight7mesh Tk1 Bib Tight

Product Reviews

  1. Kyle

    Almost perfect

    These tights are almost perfect. The bib straps are wonderfully soft, the floating chamois design is fantastic and so comfortable, the cut to length legs are genius and the pockets are really handy.

  2. Lars

    Long-legged cargo-seeking riders rejoice

    I never thought I'd buy a pair of winter bib tights. Why? Because I'm 6'6" (198 cm) with the insatiable desire for on-bib cargo. Nobody makes long enough inseams. Nobody cargos their bib tights. Or so I thought until finding these. An added plus is the fleece and the non-flashy ...

  3. Ben

    Great cold-weather tights for the west coast

    Love these tights. Was originally a bit skeptical of the sizing but learned my lesson from buying shorts and went with the guide—wasn't disappointed (I'm 6'3, 190lbs and wear size M). They're a bit thin near the hip which makes for a tiny chill at the start of the ride, but ...

  4. Jackson

    Excellant for the most part - one poorly located seam

    Been utilizing the Tk1s for the past couple of weeks near 0 celsius conditions and they've been keeping me warm. The rider-trimmable hem works really well and I definitely appreciate that feature, else it would've been too long. The cargo pockets are a nice touch, although I personally ...

  5. David

    TK1 - Best Yet

    My favourite tights to date. Anatomical shaping in the legs leads to a great fit and range of motion. Pockets along the back are a really useful edition. Sized down from other brands. 5’11” 170lbs and went with small.
  6. Markus

    Never had pants that fit so well and so comfortably.

    I'm looking forward to the cold days. Perfect pocket management. I'm looking forward to the cold days. Perfect pocket management.
  7. Arno

    My favourite winter tights

    I am a big fan of the RK1 summer tights, for me the most comfortable tights for long distance riding. I am very happy to find the same chamois concept on the TK1 winter tights, and, no surprise, the TK1 is also extremely comfortable! The design of the legs and top is great as well. These tights are ...

  8. James

    Great cool riding option.

    As with my MK3 bibs, the TKI Bib Tights are exceptionally comfortable and make the cooler long rides that much more enjoyable. The older I get, the more I seem to feel the cold so these are a very welcome addition to my cycling kit.
  9. John

    Warm and very comfortable, great fit!

    Excellent bib tights. Fabric is thicker than bib shorts with fleece lining. Adjustable hem is a great feature. Only negative that comes to mind is fabric in the groin seems more breathable to limit sweat. Great for preventing chaffing, but has a bit of a chill until you get going.
  10. Tav

    Must have for winter riding

    Extremely comfortable and warm with the added benefits from the cargo bib lineup when you are wearing a rain shell without pockets in the winter. These are very warm and comfortable and best suited for rides that start cold and stay cold as you can warm up quickly in these.
  11. andrew

    Best winter bibs. Full stop.

    Having tried and loved the RK1 shorts, I thought my winter rides deserved the same love. Soft, supportive, warm and with a decent DWR, these have changed long autumn, winter and damp spring days into a far more bearable experience. The pad is top quality as a given, but it's the the way the ...

  12. Julian

    Good length

    I'm tall but with long legs. Normally a medium sized pants will fit around my waist and butt, but will no reach the ankles. Not in the case of the TK1 Bib. It has a good length and a good fit for skinny/athetic legs.
  13. Julian

    Good length

    I'm tall but with long legs. Normally a medium sized pants will fit around my waist and butt, but will no reach the ankles. Not in the case of the TK1 Bib. It has a good length and a good fit for skinny/athetic legs.
  14. Pete

    Skin tight means skin tight

    For the coldest of days these have been perfect for me - fit really snug, the seam up the front to the knee adds to free flexion without the bunching behind the knee. Bib straps are really comfy.
  15. Cvachi

    Perfect bibs for cold

    First I ordered my ussual size for 7mesh - M size. But I needed to downsize for S, and since then they perform perfectly! Super tight, wind and water resistant. The stretch combined with articulated knees and butt creates natural riding position. Back pockets are pleasant bonus, comfy suspenders are ...

  16. Dave

    Useful in a range of temperatures

    Purchased these in the fall, hoping to extend my outdoor riding season. It’s Jan now and I’m still outdoors. Have been comfortable down to minus temps. Repels a good amount of moisture and they manage to never overheat even one warmer 8-10 degree days. Impressive piece even survived a decent ...

  17. Lucas

    Simply perfect

    The TK1s are simply the perfect winter bib tights. Temperature regulation makes them versatile in pretty much all rides cooler than 5° Celsius. The hip section is perfectly covered from cold winds, the straps are elastic and broad.
  18. Scott

    Comfy in the Cold

    This is my first full-bib tight. Previously I suffered past comfortable knee-warmer season. I noticed a bit of bulk in the chamois area compared to my MK2 or MK3 bibs, but that soon fell to the back of my mind as I comfortably pedalled through the chilly air. I'm pleased to add the TK1 Bib ...

  19. Tristan

    Cold morning rides made easier!

    The TK1 bib tights are super comfortable and very warm. Pockets are always a win with me!
  20. Steve

    Best Bib for winter rides

    I bought the bibs for winter rides and so far they have been nothing but excellent. The bibs are well manufactured and the fabric feels really great and warm. The padding is excellent, not too thick like others but still really comfortable for long rides. Well done!!!
  21. Yannick

    Well done

    I’ve never had a one piece bib all the way down to my ankle this is been the most comfortable piece I’ve had so far for winter riding either on the gravel bike or on a mountain bike with the Thunder Pants makes it a very comfortable piece to wear without adding anything else to your kit extra ...

  22. Sean

    Poor design, sizing inconsistent, bulky

    Starting off by giving my size at 6'2" 230lbs. Followed sizing chart, received item and it was extremely baggy everywhere and length remained covering my feet while be pulled tight in the crotch. Purchased another size down, had to squeeze into the thigh area, still long in the legs. ...

  23. Simon

    Purchased for cold weather riding down to 2C

    Used 5 times and with great success. Only felt the cold with wind chill close to or below 0C. Padding is good and fits snug with no movement. Sizing is good with the help of your staff. Straps enable you to fit over a couple of top layers.
  24. John

    TK1 Bib Tights even beyond expectations

    This is my first 7mesh item purchased, and I had heard such great reviews that I had to try them. I was surprised at how much I have liked the bib tights. The leg length is a bit long for me, but I can bunch them up a bit. And the chamois might be the best one that I've used - thin and ...

  25. Toronto Rider

    The TK1 is the real deal

    First 7mesh product that I purchased and very impressed. These are great for cold weather rides, have put them to the test in 0C and low single digits and they were perfect. Very warm and breathable. Sizing is roughly a size smaller than what I normally would go to so leverage the size chart. Great ...

  26. Justin


    I'm a fair weather rider and I like to be warm. When the temperatures drop or stay low, these are always the first bib tights I reach for. The chamois is supremely comfortable, the fit is perfect and true. Besides providing a nice splash of color, the detailing on the leg also adds some ...

  27. Syd

    Perfect for fall and winter

    I'm stoked on theses tights the fit seemed a bit snug at first but after a riding in them I love the compression feel and the leg length is perfect and normally that's an area where tights are too short for me (32inseam/30waist) the fabric wicked sweat very well and also blocked out the ...

  28. Matthias

    Keeping me warm in harsh conditions

    Great piece of gear - I own them since release. Before, I wore a combination of the Strata Tights & Foundation Bib, which worked also great for me in cold and wet conditions. But the TK1 is definitely an improvement in comfort. The comfy material is super breathable, but also keeps me warm in ...

  29. Danny

    Well considered and engineered

    A high quality garment that has clearly been engineered for performance on the bike. The rear pockets are well placed and easily accessible on the bike. Sizing and fit are likely dependant on individual dimensions, but the material is very warm and water repellent. Well worth a try if you live in a ...

  30. Josh

    Very impressive and comfortable

    I bought the TK1 bibs for the cooler shoulder season. They impressively work down to the lower 20*. I like the cut, fit and comfort as they have soft touch surface on the inside adding warmth. I know they say road but I use them for off-road riding and had a successful Winter event I attended ...

  31. Andrea

    Absolutely great!

    I bought a pair of TK1 at Robi Bike in Belluno and I think they are absolutely great, both the materials and the fit are exceptional. I particularly appreciated the back pockets and the “pad” solutions: the Elastic Interface Hybrid cells pad is at the top. I like the lightness of the braces, ...

  32. Arnaud

    Best winter tights I've ever owned!

    I went on few rides with these tights. They feel amazing, so comfortable ! Even in the rain, I was wet but not soaked which is pretty nice !
  33. David

    Warm and breathable

    Perfect combo of warmth and breathability.
  34. John

    New Favourites

    These TK1 tights have rapidly become my favourite winter legwear. The chamois is really comfy and the straps supportive but unnoticeable. I've found that they're effective across a range of conditions whether it's extremely cold and dry, or even worse, cold, wet and windy the tights ...

  35. kim Raeymaekers

    Winter pants

    These are nice pants for the cold winter days. The fleece on the inside of the pants feels soft comfy and keeps you warm on those cold days as long as you keep the legs moving. For someone like me, who easily gets cold. this is the one to get for the colder days of the year.

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