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Women's Product Guides


Women's Mountain Bike Clothing

Advanced, all-conditions mountain bike clothing, designed and tested on the slabs and singletrack of Squamish, British Columbia.


When you live among the mountains, no type of riding is out of bounds. From classic cross-country to the really wild drops, our hometown of Squamish has it all, which is why we created a collection of trail shirts to cover all bases. Test ride a 7mesh mountain bike shirt, and you’ll notice hydrophobic, quick-drying fabrics, neat seams and an optimal riding shape. The result is a collection of mtb jerseys that fit perfectly, perform flawlessly and ride longer than a single season. And they look pretty dang good, too.

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Down Under

Foundation is a range of chamois shorts, bibs and bike briefs designed to wear under your favourite trail shorts. Why? Because we’ve all worn bib shorts under baggies before, and the results are never good. Too hot and too restrictive, padded shorts aren’t made to go under another layer - until now.

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Shorts & Pants

When you’re making mountain bike bike shorts and pants, it’s all about comfort and efficiency. Baggies and longs have to fit right and feel good around the entire pedal stroke. They also have to breathe, protect and offer just the right balance of pockets and finishing details. Basically, they have to do a lot. Like all of our apparel, 7mesh mtb shorts and pants start out as a pattern. Then we sew, sample and start all over again. We pair our deep knowledge of fabrics, ergonomics and the pedaling motion with a rider’s eye for features, creating apparel that moves with complete freedom and functions flawlessly. And we match those sewing smarts with a clean, understated style that stays sharp for the long haul.

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A lightweight, stowable wind jacket that works on and off the bike is a gravel apparel essential, and the Northwoods Windshell is a proven rider favourite. For wetter conditions, choose from the Gore-Tex-equipped Copilot or Skypilot. And when it’s cold and changeable, reach for the reassuring, adaptive warmth of our Chilco thermal hooded pullover, or thermal vest featuring 7mesh WTV technology.