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Ashlu is our do-it-all merino wool cycling jersey, made for road, gravel and pretty much everything in-between.

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This jersey was an instant

This jersey was an instant winner for me, right from the moment i first put it on. The merino fabric is wonderfully soft, and the fit is just right. Its form fitting without being constrictive, perfect for long days and bikepacking. For me this jersey is brilliant for practically every occasion; the only time i would actively reach for another jersey is if I'm racing (i want something tighter and more compressive) and if its really hot (over 25°c). The anything pockets are really well thought out and useful.
Verified Purchaser
Kyle | Oct 13, 2022
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Not much indicate for me

Not much indicate for me in hottest condition but is really breathable and antibacterial
Verified Purchaser
Ivan | Sep 17, 2022
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Fits a bit small. Pretty

Fits a bit small. Pretty good fuckin shirt Wear it 6 times a week without washing and smells like a ros e
Verified Purchaser
Chris | Sep 4, 2022
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Well made jersey with a

Well made jersey with a well thought out pocket system. I found the jersey to be a little too warm at 75 degrees and above
Verified Purchaser
Ben | Sep 1, 2022
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The Ashlu Merino Jersey is

The Ashlu Merino Jersey is a must have for any cyclist. It's super soft and light with great style. The '76 Jag is such a great color too. The fit is true and I'm a big fan of the 5 pockets on the jersey which allow me to pack enough nutrition, additional layers and tools for big days on the bike! I find myself using this jersey lots in the shoulder seasons in the mornings underneath a jacket as it's great for cool mornings and warm afternoons.
Verified Purchaser
Brian | Aug 29, 2022
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This jersey is super adaptable

This jersey is super adaptable in a wide range of temperatures. I have mainly used it for gravel and the fit is perfect for the more rugged riding and the comfort is perfect for the rides with drastic elevation changes between river valleys, baking sun on exposed gravel climbs and a rest at the top. I nervously put this on for an event where the temp was going to be north of 30 degrees C (I would usually opt for the Skyline Jersey in that heat) as I wanted to test the comfort in the heat and it was great and I appreciated the more relaxed fit to the skyline. The pocket system continues to not disappoint.
Verified Purchaser
Michael | Aug 2, 2022
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Great jersey! Love that it's

Great jersey! Love that it's made from merino. Fits great and better for the environment!
Verified Purchaser
Rio | Jul 9, 2022
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This was Best Buy every.

This was Best Buy every. Soft, great weight and love the pockets and the zipper pockets as well. I wear this if I going out for early morning rides, and love that it is low key. I bought the green, love the zipper easy to pull down if you heat up a bit. I highly recommend this you will just love it as much as I do with a more relaxed fit rather than a racer fit.
Verified Purchaser
Hollywood K. | Jun 6, 2022
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Almost perfect jersey if it

Almost perfect jersey if it wasn't for the loose fit around the chest. I'm 190cm 83kg, not a very muscular chest. Pockets are roomy, feel is amazing, length perfect for a tall build.
Verified Purchaser
J | May 15, 2022
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Very good quality and fits

Very good quality and fits well. Hard wearing.
Verified Purchaser
Michael | Apr 23, 2022
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