Men's MK3 Bib Short

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Go longer. With sublime in-saddle comfort, soft straps and Clean Finish tailoring, spending time on the rivet never felt so good.

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The model is 6' feet with a 42" hip and a 26" thigh and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 6' feet with a 42" hip and a 26" thigh and is wearing a size medium.

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Best bibs ever

I think these are the best bibs I've ever owned. They have the perfect balance of compression, weight, and breathability. I think they are even better than the pricier RK1 bibs. I have 3 pairs of these MK3's and 1 pair of RK1 bibs. The cargo version is nice for 70+ mile rides...anything less and the extra storage is not really needed. I think every other cycling short I have ever owned before discovering 7mesh had problems with the seam that holds the chamois in place. 7mesh has solved this problem with a great taper of the foam on the edges and the seam is not noticeable at all when riding. Side note, the warranty is worth paying for as well. I was recently involved in a crash on a group road ride and 7mesh got me rolling with a replacement for a significantly reduced cost.
Zak | May 31, 2023
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I own a pair of MK3 shorts and thought I'd try the bibs. Wow! They are comfortable. Along with the shorts being super comfortable I don't even feel the straps when riding.
Phil | May 23, 2023
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Great bibs

Definitely have become my favorite bibs. Black pair i have seems to run tighter than the colors, but overall very comfortable.
Case | May 17, 2023
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Awesome cycling shorts

My go to cycling shorts. Super comfortable - and stay that way over heavy use
Bill | Apr 9, 2023
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Wouldn't change a thing.
Joseph | Mar 31, 2023
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3 years of abuse

I have been riding these bibs for 3 years straight. I bought 2 around the same time and they have been in my circulation ever since. They get used about 1-2 times a week during the winter and 3-4 times a week during the summer. I throw them in the wash and I throw them in the dryer and haven't thought twice about it! Outstanding quality and comfort. I dont know what else you could ask for. They owe me nothing...
Will | Mar 23, 2023
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These bibs are by far

These bibs are by far the best I’ve ever owned. The attention to detail, comfort, and fit are incredible. I’ll never buy a different pair again
Verified Purchaser
Dan | Nov 11, 2022
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Great comfort, fits right, feels

Great comfort, fits right, feels good against the skin, no rub. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend.
Verified Purchaser
Andy | Nov 8, 2022
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Very comfortable bib shorts. The

Very comfortable bib shorts. The finish on the legs is one of my favorite styles, with no change in fabric weight or sewn hem, only silicone gripper dots on the interior, which allow the leg to stretch as normal. The cut around the hips is slightly lower than other bibs I own, but works just fine.
Verified Purchaser
Case | Nov 7, 2022
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Really comfortable bib shorts. The

Really comfortable bib shorts. The straps are buttery smooth and just a delight to have on. The pad is supportive and comfortable and the 'floating' design works well. These (and the cargo version) have quickly become the first shorts i reach for regardless of what type of ride i'm planning. I've used them for everything from short and fast road races to epic 12-hour + rides and i can wholly recommend them for both. My only quibble is that, for me, the bottom of the leg gripper has over time started to roll up.
Verified Purchaser
Kyle | Oct 13, 2022
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