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Go longer. With sublime in-saddle comfort, a supportive contoured waist and Clean Finish tailoring, spending time on the rivet never felt so good.

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Really comfortable chamios

The most comfortable chamois I've worn. I'm 73kg and 181cm and fit a small. The medium would have worked too but was a bit baggier for my tiny thighs!
Chris | Jan 31, 2023
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Generally i dont get on

Generally i dont get on great with bib shorts (i'm tall and slim) so went with these. The waist band area fit is incredible, the material is oh so nice and the pad is amazingly comforatable with a kind of floating design (not stitched directly to the outer fabric). My one grip is i found a small amount of fabric bunching at the very top of my thighs when riding in a aero/roadie position. @7mesh - you must try harder with your product photography on site. There's so little meaningful product imagery on many of your products it's difficult to truly appreciate how good the products are.
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Rob | Mar 11, 2022
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I have been riding in

I have been riding in these shorts for a few months now, and love them! The chamois makes a big difference in riding comfort, and the other materials in the short are very comfortable and perform well also. One thing I wanted to note is that the fit feels quite small. I know this is a skin fit garment and that's to be expected, but my measurements are technically a bit below bottom of the scale for XS and I was initially apprehensive about trying them out as a fit where the material could bunch or chafe would be very bad. Upon receiving them, however, I was relieved to find that they are still a very tight skin fit despite my small frame. They broke in a bit over the first couple of months and are more comfortable to get on now, but I honestly find it hard to believe that larger people could still use this size. I use them on their own and under softshell pants in colder weather, and they do a great job in all conditions.
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Neal | Jan 31, 2022
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The fabric of the MK3

The fabric of the MK3 is just amazing stuff and the MK3 is about as flawlessly tailored as you can imagine. It's structured in such a way that it gets even more comfortable dropped into riding position. Other brands make that claim, but 7mesh delivers on it. The chamois is a fantastic long distance pad underneath, but the front part of the chamois is a little narrow and if you want to avoid chafing/crushing your junk, you need to struggle to position yourself right. I really wish 7Mesh used the same cutaway approach on the chamois that they use in the utterly peerless Foundation Short -- then the MK3 would be perfect. As others have mentioned, the "hammock" approach to how the chamois is attached to the rest of the short -- allowing it to stay put on your body while the outside of the short can shift slightly under pedaling movements is genius -- and lends itself to long days in the saddle. The slight dip in the front of the waist band makes for great comfort bent forward and breathing deeply -- it could even be a bit more generous in my opinion, but as it stands it's terrific. All in all, close to perfect, and if it employed the cutaway on the front of the chamois like the Foundation Short, it would be flawless.
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Bc | Dec 6, 2021
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The MK3 short is a

The MK3 short is a good quality product. I specifically selected this short because of the Elastic Interface chamios. This chamios is denser than the other brands that I have tried. I ordered the size based on the sizing chart, it is a tight fit. Hopefully in time it will loosen up.
Verified Purchaser
Ronald | Sep 14, 2021
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Love them! Will never change

Love them! Will never change again!
Verified Purchaser
Stefan | Sep 6, 2021
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Those short are the next

Those short are the next level in terms of confort for long rides. Will definitely be my choice for the BC Epic this year
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Dan | Jun 20, 2021
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These shorts are extremely well

These shorts are extremely well made and perform perfectly. They fit extremely well and do not move at all while I ride. Huge fan!
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Devan | Apr 4, 2021
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I've always thought the premium

I've always thought the premium for road specific shorts was unfounded - but after logging about 1000km in the MK3's, I think I've converted. The chamois is supremely comfortable, and the way it's constructed keeps it exactly where it should, and avoids the baggy look from the back. It is also less likely to catch the nose of the saddle when shifting backwards. These are excellent and worth the price - Add pockets to them and it would be a knockout! Will be trying the cargo bib next. I wear Rapha size M, and 7mesh size S - the sizing charts are very accurate.
Verified Purchaser
Gim Y. | Mar 18, 2021
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I've had many cycling shorts

I've had many cycling shorts over the years. Most were lacking in seat comfort with a passable chamois. I decided to give the 7mesh chamois a try as I've been happy with their other products to date. An expensive pair of shorts to be sure. But any quality item usually is. I followed the size chart carefully paying attention to thigh size as recommended. I'm a 5" 10" male weighing 170 lbs. I went with the medium size. They are a tight fit when first worn. It gives you pause that a larger size would be good. But wear them for awhile and they loosen to a snug fit that stays in place. The chamois does a fine job of cushioning your butt from the seat. It does ride up your butt a bit when standing. But works beautifully when seated in position. The price you pay for the comfort. I might suggest a bit more room in the front area for the privates. I've grown to quite like the MK3 shorts. A well designed item. No regrets for this purchase. 7mesh goes the extra mile to research a product and make it as functional as possible.
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John V. | Feb 24, 2021
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