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Men's MK3 Bib Short

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Go longer. With sublime in-saddle comfort, soft straps and Clean Finish tailoring, spending time on the rivet never felt so good.

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The model is 6' feet with a 42" hip and a 26" thigh and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 6' feet with a 42" hip and a 26" thigh and is wearing a size medium.

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These bibs are by far

These bibs are by far the best I’ve ever owned. The attention to detail, comfort, and fit are incredible. I’ll never buy a different pair again
Verified Purchaser
Dan | Nov 11, 2022
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Great comfort, fits right, feels

Great comfort, fits right, feels good against the skin, no rub. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend.
Verified Purchaser
Andy | Nov 8, 2022
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Very comfortable bib shorts. The

Very comfortable bib shorts. The finish on the legs is one of my favorite styles, with no change in fabric weight or sewn hem, only silicone gripper dots on the interior, which allow the leg to stretch as normal. The cut around the hips is slightly lower than other bibs I own, but works just fine.
Verified Purchaser
Case | Nov 7, 2022
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Really comfortable bib shorts. The

Really comfortable bib shorts. The straps are buttery smooth and just a delight to have on. The pad is supportive and comfortable and the 'floating' design works well. These (and the cargo version) have quickly become the first shorts i reach for regardless of what type of ride i'm planning. I've used them for everything from short and fast road races to epic 12-hour + rides and i can wholly recommend them for both. My only quibble is that, for me, the bottom of the leg gripper has over time started to roll up.
Verified Purchaser
Kyle | Oct 13, 2022
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Great quality and I really

Great quality and I really like the feel of the fabric and the compression it provides. The straps are minimalist and comfortable. I sat between a XS and S on the size chart but went with the XS on advice from the 7Mesh team. I’m happy with that decision - they feel quite tight when you’re stood up but as soon as you’re riding they’re the perfect fit. One bit of constructive feedback is that I would prefer the shorts to be cut a little higher at the front, but not a big issue at all.
Verified Purchaser
Ben | Oct 5, 2022
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Purchased for long distance gravel

Purchased for long distance gravel rides. Excellent padding, just the right compression and weight. Very comfortable on long rides. Would but again.
Verified Purchaser
Tony | Sep 30, 2022
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There is a lot to

There is a lot to like about these bibs, but they could be better. When I first got these bibs I felt the sizing suggested by 7mesh was too small. It seems like many people have made comments that they are in between sizes. I noticed right away that they came packaged the same way my cheaper Chinese bibs did. This wasn't a surprise, I did see that 7mesh has information about the manufacturing of their products at the the bottom of the site, and they are produced in China. Although I was able to wear them when they arrived, the cut in the stomach seemed too short for my body type, but I was unable to return them because I tried wearing them on a ride. I have now done over 1000km of riding in them, and the fabric has stretched a bit. The smaller size has kept the legs fitting well, and the added compression is nice, although like other I have found the bib legs are starting to curl in. Having a cut a bit higher in the stomach would make this easier to wear with a jersey, although I typically where a light t-shirt anyways. The one nice thing about the lower cut is it makes it easier to go to the washroom. Material wise, I have found the green gets dirty pretty easily, and shows sweat, but it does feel nice. I haven't found it feels gritty when it gets wet like my other pair of bibs. It does retain moisture just the same as my other pair however, at least this was my experience when using them on a trainer. The straps are nice and soft which I like, and they have not rolled over or bunched while riding so far. I am unsure about the use of a single strap in the back, as it does pull the bibs up in an awkward way at times, but it also puts chamois in a good place. For all the things I have criticised, the chamois in these is much better then my old pair! I have done several rides over 100km in these, and my bottom still feels good afterwards. The small size has also allowed the chamois to fit tight to me, and the floating design is very comfortable as some who likes to shift around in the saddle. I have basically stopped using my old pair because of how much better the chamois is in these.
Verified Purchaser
Mark J. | Jul 30, 2022
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Go by the size chart,

Go by the size chart, no matter how messed up the fact that you've always worn M or L and the chart say "S". Even after talking to staff on sizing and them recommending "S" I still could not do it and went with an M. There are two big Canadian brands that I am unable to get their M's past halfway up my thighs and have to go L in both. So I went with the M's in 7MESH. That was a couple years ago. I rode them in rotation with other bibs for a full season and thought, hmm, nothing special here. Then winter rolled around the the price on a pair of TK1's was so good that it was worth it to grab a pair for the warmth (I needed a new pair of longs). So I ordered M. They were huge everywhere. Returned and then went into a shop to try them on and tried a small. Ah, ok. So then I tried on an MK3 and RK1 in small: good pull to get them up but once on it made all sense. Oh, the compression is fantastic. So been in smalls for past 6+ months and they really are an outstanding product. I feel 5 star reviews are everywhere on the web but this really is a great product. Even at full MSRP it is a fair deal on a very good bib considering the price tag of other premium bibs. I prefer the beefier fabric of the MK over the TK. I also prefer the beefier chamois of the MK. Maybe if it was hotter more often in Vancouver I'd prefer the RK but I've never thought, "jeez, these bibs are too hot," ever. Funny, whenever you see 7MESH bottoms listed for sale they are almost always listed because the seller purchased one size too big. And if you're torn between sizes, I'd still err to the smaller. I'm 5'10"; 165 to 170lbs; 34" cycling inseam (so a bit long of leg...and that is my only gripe and it is a minor one: I do wish there was another 1" in length but I have that problem with all bib shorts it seems: they fit a bit shorter on me. I guess I have long femurs). I wear M in all 7M tops and S in all 7M bottoms, baggies or tights.
Verified Purchaser
Jantzen | Jul 11, 2022
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I bought these shorts as

I bought these shorts as per the size guide after much communication as they sized up smaller than usual. They arrived and were very tight to put on. This is on purpose. Once you are on the bike they disappear. Brilliant! Do not judge shorts by how they feel walking around a room.
Verified Purchaser
David | Jul 7, 2022
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I ride a mix of

I ride a mix of Mtb, Gravel and Road and my rides vary from 90 minute afterwork rips all the way to 3 day Bike packing trips. I recently took my MK3 Bibshort Bikepacking. The chammy is super comfy without being bulky, and as always with 7mesh the straps are amazingly soft, you dont even know theyre there. I bought the green ones and I guess if theres one criticism its that they get dirty pretty easily. But I wouldnt change them!
Verified Purchaser
Coachackerley | Jul 7, 2022
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