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Freeflow Jacket

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Equipped for the cold and ready for the long ride, keep your balance in our Polartec® Alpha bike jacket.


The Freeflow Jacket insulates and breathes, warming when needed, and venting off excess heat when the speed picks up. Heating and cooling - that's a tricky combination. But by pairing thoughtfully-placed Polartec® Alpha insulation with a smart double weave ripstop nylon that both quickly moves moisture out and restricts the air coming in, the Freeflow does just that, keeping you comfortably warm, whether you're working hard on the bars, or hammering a descent.

Pair the Freeflow with one of our long sleeve jerseys to combat the deep season freeze, and you’ll find that its versatile combination of wind protection and insulation makes for one very high rotation piece.



  • 20d Nylon Double Weave Ripstop 100% nylon
  • Insulation: Polartec® Alpha 60gsm (54% recycled content)
  • #4.5 Reverse coil


  • 157g


  • Elasticated hem with silicon gripper
  • Polartec® Alpha in key areas for warmth and thermal regulation
  • Highly breathable double weave fabrics
  • Zippered pocket
  • Soft brushed collar and chin guard
  • Reflective logos
  • Packs into its own side pocket with double sided zipper

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean

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Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

Hit the hills and go full out on the flats without worrying about keeping the rubber side down. To ease your mind and stay focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

Trim Fit

Trim Fit

Designed to sit slightly off the body, Trim Fit products provide some room for light layering and feature mechanical (fabric) stretch or elastane, combined with articulated patterns.

  1. This fall, 7mesh’s Freeflow Alpha-insulated jacket quickly became my favorite go-to piece both on and off the bike. It’s ideal for cool days, as a standalone piece, or for cold days, as a layer underneath a shell. Honestly, I also wear it around the house

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  2. This past winter and early spring, 7mesh’s Freeflow Alpha-insulated jacket became my go-to layer during cold, high desert trips, especially when on-the-bike insulation was needed.

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  3. The Freeflow is a windbreaker on steroids, with body-mapped Polartec Alpha patches on the chest, top of the arms, and the collar for a little extra warmth where the wind hits you hardest.

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  4. The Freeflow upholds 7mesh's reputation for making some of the best riding kit around.

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7mesh Freeflow Jacket7mesh Freeflow Jacket
7mesh Freeflow Jacket7mesh Freeflow Jacket


Product Reviews

  1. James

    Amazing warmth to weight ratio

    I wear this for cold, damp, and windy autumn to spring rides on the Downs and Peak District - it's amazingly light and warm. It cuts the wind out without a 'boil in the bag' experience when working hard. I also love the fact it's a highly technical piece of riding kit that looks ...

  2. Bill

    Works as advertised - excellent!

    I bought this because my fall schedule brings a lot of early morning rides. The jacket works as advertised - keeps me warm but breathes for a comfortable gravel or road ride. Excellent!
  3. Peter

    Fall/Winter/Spring Staple

    Incredible jacket. Shocking how much warmth you get from something so light. With a (merino) base layer underneath I can ride in in -5C to 10C in Calgary, AB without my core getting cold (feet and fingers will fail first!). This is a no brainer for those who ride in colder climates.
  4. Kosta

    Great all purpose jacket

    The Freeflow jacket is perfect for those cold spring mornings and evening, even with just a base layer I never felt a slight bit cold!
  5. Jeff

    Holy Guacamole

    The Freeflow Jacket is a must-have jacket. Just the right amount of warmth for those cold winter rides, unzip it a bit and it breaths great in the spring. The Freeflow Jacket packs down tiny leaving no excuses for leaving it home. Heck, I'm going to buy a second one!!!
  6. NL

    Holy grail

    A perfect, do-everything windbreaker and insulation layer for the shoulder season and winter. The Polartech Alpha breathes exceptionally well, and the jacket has just the right amount of it for insulation. Throw the Rebellion jacket over it when the precip starts and you stay toasty but not clammy. ...

  7. Lukas

    Go to layer for cold temperatures…not just on the bike

    Incredibly light, packable and breathable jacket with Insulation in just the right places. It's not just keeping your core warm but also your hands and neck. Game changer for descents in cold temperatures.
  8. The Flying Buffalo

    A new favorite

    Feels light but so warm and perfect for early spring rides when there’s still a bite in the air.
  9. Andrew

    My most used jacket

    I purchased my first Freeflow jacket in late November as the piece that could provide more warmth during winter riding than a shell and also have a reasonable level of wind and shower protection. It also has the advantage of being extremely packable, either into it's own wee pocket or using the ...

  10. Chris

    Unique and effective!

    Such a unique piece of gear. Light as can be, and shockingly warm. With the warmth in all the right places (front mostly), and the back free, breathes like nothing else on the market while keeping me comfortable in temperatures around freezing. Haven't seen anything quite like it in other ...

  11. Parker

    Punches Above its Weight

    I took this jacket out on a wet, cold night ride (~5C) earlier this week. I kept expecting to feel the wind start cutting through, but it never came. Paired with a shell to keep the rain out, this jacket will keep you warm and dry on those variable shoulder-season rides.
  12. John V

    Warmth beyond its thickness

    I've been using the FreeFlow jacket the past couple months in daily commutes and longer rides in a Southern Ontario winter. I was skeptical that the jacket would provide the needed warmth given its lightness. The temps the past while have varied from 10 to -8 Celsius. The FreeFlow has down a ...

  13. Christian

    Great insulation jacket/layer

    I chose this jacket based on a recommendation of a friend. I have to say it's the best Polartec Alpha jacket I've used so far. The fit is a nice balance in between gravel and mtb, which is how I use this jacket mainly. It stores very small, which comes handy for bikepacking and ...

  14. MVo

    Interesting piece

    The Freeflow does what the description tells. IMO, an excellent piece for several uses; either as external piece, or below an outer layer when in need for some 5 degrees more warmth, very lightweight and easily packed in a pocket or in a barbag. Not the 1st piece of gear one needs to buy, but an ...

  15. Trevor

    Great Jacket

    The Freeflow Jacket not only fits great but it keep me just the right temperature on those cold days. Breathes well and even has some rain protection. I highly recommend this jacket.
  16. Nikhil


    Rarely do you come across products that not only work exactly as advertised but go beyond. Bought the Freeflow for winter riding in and around San Francisco. This thing works like magic! I dont get how it can be warm and cosy but also breathe so well during hard efforts. The Bay area is full of ...

  17. AC

    Go-to layer for Scottish adventuring

    This layer packs fantastically small, meaning that there's never a reason not to take it. It's perfect for the changeable Scottish climate, and long days starting early and finishing late (i.e. cold!). The Polartec Alpha insulation is fantastic, and never fails to keep me cosy. The fit is ...

  18. Roberto

    I love it

    My second Freeflow, the best jacket for chilly days. Perfect on the bike, but also looks good off the bike.
  19. John

    I can't wait for winter!

    A friend had bought one of these and wouldn't shut up about it so for a recent birthday I took the plunge and ordered one. Although the weather hasn't really warranted it during the day I've ridden in it on some overnighters when the temperature dropped and it's been great. The ...

  20. Teodor M

    Best jacket ever for chilly days

    Whenever I go for any other jacket in my wardrobe on a chilly day I end up regretting I didn't pick the Freeflow. For me it works so much better than any shell or softshell to stay comfortable when the temperature is below 10C. It really shines when used on long descents helping to keep warm ...

  21. Tyler


    One of my favourite cycling jackets. Insulated in the right spots to keep you warm, but vented so that you do not overheat. Spectacular.
  22. Statonline

    Punches well above its weight...

    The Freeflow jacket with Alpha insulation is a very light unrestrictive jacket. First impression would have you think it's not going to be warm but it actually does a superb job of doing just that. The light fabric also means you rarely over heat when you start to work harder. The only addition ...

  23. Ralph

    A Performer

    Comfort while cycling is relative. But, the Freeflow does a great job of making cool weather cycling enjoyable. I've worn this jacket in a variety of conditions and situations this fall and winter, wearing a light wicking base layer. The jacket is at its best in temperatures from 35-50*F, with ...

  24. kim Raeymaekers

    one for the cooler rides

    The Freeflow jacket is the one for the colder rides, as I only discovered it a few weeks ago. Since I get cold easily and don't like to go out and ride at this time of the year, this jacket helps me out a lot - no more coldness as the inner layer keeps just the right amount of heat inside and ...

  25. Ben Steurbout

    Athlete Pick

    Freeflow jacket 7MeshThis jacket became very fast one of my favourite pieces to go out for my longer endurance rides during this fall. And this will definitely still be the case during the coming winter. It’s the perfect jacket to start a ride when weather is cold and dry. The Polartec Alpha ...

  26. Reto

    Superb jacket for cooler temperatures

    The Freeflow jacket is my fifth 7mesh product. I am 193cm tall, broad shoulders and the XXL fits perfectly with a slim but comfortable fit and enough room for merino baselayers. Arms are nice and long, the alpha insulation performs as advertised. It is my go to jacket since October. Just used ...

  27. Daniel

    What a genius piece of kit!

    This jacket really is something unique. Insulation only in the right places and protection from the wind. Lightweight and that it packs up small makes it perfect both for the short commute or for a long bikepacking trip. I used it on my latest adventure and it was really comfortable during the cold ...

  28. Sam Schultz

    Athlete Pick

    The combination of wind shell with Alpha insulation in just the right spots makes for an amazingly warm and cozy jacket that can still fit easily into a jersey pocket. Perfect for cold mornings when I know it’s going to warm and I want something easy to stash.
  29. Steve

    Love at first sight

    I saw a sneak peek of the Freeflow a year ago and have lusted for it ever since. Love the clever placement of Polartec and compact stowage. Finally, today my dream came true as I finally have a Freeflow jacket of my very own...I’m in love!
  30. Matthias

    So light and so warm :)

    Another great piece! After about 4weeks and nearly 1000km of usage, I can say that the Freeflow works excellently as a mid layer. In the last couple of weeks we mainly had foul weather here in Germany, so testing the Freeflow as an outer layer is pending. I usually wear it in combination with the ...


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