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Men's Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve

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USD$72.00 - USD$140.00
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A versatile first or final layer made with Polartec® Power Grid to deliver well-balanced warmth, whether you're riding into the backcountry or heading out for a weeknight trail session.

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The perfect midweight can turn your ride upside down - in a good way. A midweight like Gryphon, our crazy cosy crew that excels as a base on cold days, and works wonders as a final layer on milder rides, too. Powered by Polartec® Power Grid with 38% recycled content, Gryphon’s secret is its waffly, air-trapping interior that warms, breathes and balances. And the fit’s no slouch either. So good, in fact, that Gryphon might throw more than a little shade on your other, lesser sweats. Grab one while you can. They’re hot (but also not - that’s the magic of Polartec®).



  • Polartec Power Grid - 93% polyester, 7% elastane
    (38% recycled content)


  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Rear zippered pocket for essentials
  • Reflective logo


  • 175g

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

Hit the hills and go full out on the flats without worrying about keeping the rubber side down. To ease your mind and stay focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

Trim Fit

Trim Fit

Designed to sit slightly off the body, Trim Fit products provide some room for light layering and feature mechanical (fabric) stretch or elastane, combined with articulated patterns.

Weightless Warmth

Weightless Warmth

With its highly efficient grid construction, Polartec® Power Grid™ delivers airy, well-balanced warmth without the weight of traditional fleece. It wicks fast, and features a refreshingly high percentage of recycled content.

  1. I’ve worn this crew around the house, I’ve worn it mountain biking, as well as XC skiing and showshoeing. That kind of versatility is hard to beat.

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Product Reviews

  1. David


    Great base-layer, keeps you warm without getting sweaty or stinky.
  2. Alexandru

    Perfect long sleeve to keep warm on cold days

    I'm using this long sleeve crew for winter days while riding on my fatbike and it feels awesome. It keeps me warm even when I make short stops without the risk to get cold. I never had the urge to get back on the bike as I'm feeling I'm getting cold.
  3. Ben

    Favorite Longsleeve

    Innovative fabric which keeps you warm without making you sweat too much. Snug fit and feel. Can‘t get better!
  4. Murman

    Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve

    I purchased this for very day use and for chilly fall rides and wanted it to fit a bit looser so I purchased a large. I am 6’2”, 180lb and it is perfect for every day use around the house and will be great for chilly fall rides. If I wanted a snugger fit for warm layering I would probably go for ...

  5. SSC Chris

    Fanastic Base layer

    Another first class product from 7mesh. I own two Gryphon shirts, one L and one XL. Both fit awesome, with the XL providing a little more space for the waist. This shirt keeps me amazing warm in these cold, moist January days. The fit is great, and the Polar Tech style material helps to keep me ...

  6. Johnny

    Excellent long sleeve jersey

    Big fan of Polartec fabric. Warm, breathable and comfortable. Fits slim on my 5’6 and about 135lb frame in XS. Little tight on the cuffs.
  7. Aesta

    Love this shirt

    Warm and super comfortable, this is my new favourite for colder weather riding.
  8. Matthias

    Great on and off the bike

    Usted it all Around the year. It’s very versatile on a ride in chilly climate or in the summer morning in a camp out.
  9. Tom

    Perfect autumn jersey

    The Gryphon is quite possibly my new favourite piece from 7Mesh. It's such a versatile jersey; I can use it on it's own with the Glidepath pants on drier, but cold-ish days, or use it as a baselayer under my Guardian and with the Thunderpant when it's properly wet and cold. The fit is ...

  10. Gee

    Love it

    This is actually my second Gryphon, I lost a few pounds and needed a smaller size. It's super warm but magically stays dry. Just don't snag it in a tree,and it's a perfect cool weather piece.
  11. Rocky

    Warm and not so fuzzy

    This shirt is as advertised. Comfy, and warm, but breathes OK so you aren't in a sweatbox. Perfect for single-layer cool days, or as a base layer under a jacket.
  12. Tobi

    really warm an comfortable shirt

    I love my Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve. It's really warm and comfortable. Combined with a light windjacket you can ride it even in cold days arround 0° Celsius...
  13. James

    Very versatile piece.

    I have worn the Gryphon LS as a base layer, as my sole cycling shirt and as a casual shirt while taking the dogs for a walk. Excellent in all situations.
  14. johannes

    I think I may have found the perfect shirt.....

    The fabric of this shirt is really great - very comfortable, And I've found it perfect for rides in current conditions - 8 - 12 degree weather with a thin windbreaker if its a bit chillier.

  15. Ray

    Brilliant, but....

    Love the jersey, its a perfect mix of warmth and air, and it seems to stay dry no matter how much I sweat. But one flaw, its so fragile. It seems to tear every time I brush a tree. Had to stitch it three times now, and I've only worn it five times. Some more durable fabric on the shoulders ...

  16. Matthias

    My favourite winter baselayer

    Since its release last fall, I've worn the jersey the most (even more than the Callaghan jersey). It was used on mountain- as well as road bikes in a wide variety of layer combinations - sometimes worn over, sometimes under the TK1 BIB - on icy cold days under the outflow hoody. The only thing ...

  17. The Flying Buffalo

    Perfect complement for the Freeflow

    Love this piece paired with the Freeflow. I’ve been hitting winter gravel rides and when the temperatures drop these really perform and as the day warms up I find the regulate quite effectively.

  18. Seb

    light yet warm

    Feels like a comfy baselayer, looks casual. It's very light but provides serious warmth if worn under a shell. I wear it under a Skypilot jacket or solo if it's warm enough and not very windy. Medium fits great (184cm, 75kg).
  19. RealtorTechGuy

    Great feel, well made

    Feels really plush, comfortable, and feels warm. Have not had a full ride using it yet but given other reviews and my initial impression should do exactly what I need it for. Not bulky under a shell. Quality build. Ordered size medium, little long in the sleeves but the rest fits well.
  20. André

    Casual and technical

    Nice base and top layer with a great casual look for longer and relaxed rides. Smooth structure and great quality. Fits a bid large for me. Needed Size S with 180cm and 72kg. Not my last part from 7mesh...
  21. konst


    Perfect for fall and winter, warm and comfortable.
  22. Scott

    MUST HAVE piece for Fall, Winter, Spring

    This piece is just what I needed right now. With temperatures varying between 5 degrees C and 10C, the Gryphon manages heat and moisture incredibly well, to stay comfortable during all parts of a ride.
  23. Clark

    Warm, comfortable, and capable

    This is a great piece for layering! I've worn it under the Callaghan merino hoody just above freezing temps, as well as under a rain jacket. On dry days when it's a bit warmer, I plan to wear it without a jacket on top. Perfect piece for fall and winter, and even into the first part of ...

  24. Owen

    Waffles arent just for breakfast

    The waffle design of the Polartec powergrid is really the bees knees of perspiration management. While cranking on bike pedals in the shoulder season of fall and into early winter, this jersey manages to keep me warm, comfortable, and not bogged down by a sweat soaked shirt. It pairs perfectly with ...

  25. Justin

    Insanely versatile

    Do you know those cold days where you can't find a balance between being too cold or too hot? Jacket on -> Jacket off all day? I found this as my answer. It's insanely versatile. It let's enough air through when you're moving to keep you from over heating and keeps you super ...


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