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Women's Gryphon Crew Long Sleeve

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A versatile first or final layer made with Polartec® Power Grid to deliver well-balanced warmth, whether you're riding into the backcountry or heading out for a weeknight trail session.

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The perfect midweight can turn your ride upside down - in a good way. A midweight like Gryphon, our crazy cosy crew that excels as a base on cold days, and works wonders as a final layer on milder rides, too. Powered by Polartec® Power Grid with 38% recycled content, Gryphon’s secret is its waffly, air-trapping interior that warms, breathes and balances. And the fit’s no slouch either. So good, in fact, that Gryphon might throw more than a little shade on your other, lesser sweats. Grab one while you can. They’re hot (but also not - that’s the magic of Polartec®).



  • Polartec Power Grid - 93% polyester, 7% elastane
    (38% recycled content)


  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Rear zippered pocket for essentials
  • Reflective logo


  • 150g

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

Hit the hills and go full out on the flats without worrying about keeping the rubber side down. To ease your mind and stay focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

Trim Fit

Trim Fit

Designed to sit slightly off the body, Trim Fit products provide some room for light layering and feature mechanical (fabric) stretch or elastane, combined with articulated patterns.

Weightless Warmth

Weightless Warmth

With its highly efficient grid construction, Polartec® Power Grid™ delivers airy, well-balanced warmth without the weight of traditional fleece. It wicks fast, and features a refreshingly high percentage of recycled content.

  1. Nubby and cozy and just about perfect. If I could own 3 or 4 of these I would be in heaven. After wearing it the first time, I found myself planning my laundry days so it was ready for the exact adventure-- or work day-- I wanted it for.

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Product Reviews

  1. DM

    Super warm and great fit

    Picked this up for my partner a few weeks ago, and it's gone into high rotation for warm layers. She's normally wearing merino, but said that the Gryphon added more warmth while being very light and breathable. She also likes the fit. It looks really good on her!
  2. Googz

    The perfect baselayer for everything

    I bought this specifically for fall/winter riding as a base layer since I find merino too itchy, but I find myself wearing it for everything! It's warm but not hot, super breathable, and never seems to get stinky. I will probably buy a second one in a size larger just to get a bit more length ...

  3. Kristen

    Warm and Dry, Do-it-all Shirt

    This fabric is truly amazing. Regardless the activity be it gravel, mtb, run, ski, sail, this shirt magically keeps you warm, dry, and yet cool as you heat up with activity. It's like the little fleecy grids again heat up your skin, while the perforation around them allows cool air in drying ...

  4. Elizabeth

    Best winter jersey!

    Such a great jersey. Feels super cozy while still being breathable. Nice comfortable feel and flattering cut too!
  5. Rebecca

    Most amazing piece of clothing I own

    I wear this to do everything- ride, ski, shop, lounge. And largely with no washing. Just an amazing article of clothing!!
  6. Chantelle


    I usually opt for merino base layers but this is fantastic. It's fuzzy and soft on the inside and the loft keeps you super warm. I really love the bright orange colour too.
  7. Annie

    Soft cosy baselayer

    I've had this for several weeks now. I love it! Its been on a couple of bikepacking trips, running and winter mountaineering. I can get it super sweaty and know it will dry out. I think i will be living in this till summer.
  8. Fiona Kolbinger

    Athlete Review

    This top has become my favourite warm layer both on and off the bike. It is made from very cozy fabric and always keeps an ideal temperature. The cut is not skin-tight but (as always) true to size. A small pocket on the side is very handy for keys, especially when wearing this top on winter runs.
  9. Clare

    Staff Pick

    A big thanks to the product team for this one. Im never too hot nor too cold

  10. Steph

    Just Try to Make Me Take It Off

    I have definitely pulled this out of the laundry bin just so I can wear it again - biking, hiking, running - likely skiing, this is an amazing piece. Super cozy but incredibly breathable so you don't get that clammy feeling. This was my go-to piece for fall bike packing, wore throughout the ...

  11. Karen

    Warm yet breathable long sleeve

    This is a warm top that is great for fall/winter riding. The fit is looser than the 3/4 sleeve jerseys but not overly baggy. The only con for this jersey is that it isn't very stretchy so if you have a large head it will be challenging to get through the neck hole!

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