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Men's MK3 Bib Short

95 % of 100
Go longer. With sublime in-saddle comfort, soft straps and Clean Finish tailoring, spending time on the rivet never felt so good.

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Model is: Height 6’3”, Hip 37”, Thigh 21” and wears a small.


The MK3 is a refined, long-distance road cycling bib short, built to take you further in total comfort.

At the heart of the bib is a custom Elastic Interface® chamois designed to our exacting specifications with High-Density Foam through the centre channel, and a completely air permeable perforate top layer. Which means that from hoods to drops, the MK3 breathes, cushions and feels amazing on sensitive in-between areas, delivering unmatched comfort across the saddle, no matter how long, or low you ride.

Throughout the MK3, Clean Finish tailoring places seams and sewing lines away from action points to present smooth surfaces at every turn. Including at the straps, where soft, shoulder-friendly material blends with the bibs to create a supportive fit that melts away out on the road.

In combination with a slightly more compressive body fabric compared to previous versions, the MK3 also sports seamless raw edges detailed with printed silicon grippers. By extending the body fabric to the hem, the MK3 does away with overeager grippers, helping the bib to fit smoothly and evenly across the leg.



  • Body: 62% nylon, 38% elastane
  • Chamois: Elastic Interface Mens Performance Space (Made with recycled content)


  • 205g


  • Clean finish hem with silicone gripper
  • Mesh chamois hammock lining
  • 45mm soft elastic bib straps
  • Soft brushed knit bib strap junction
  • Clean finish chamois construction


  • X-Small: 10.3” - 26cm
  • Small: 10.5” - 26.7cm
  • Medium: 10.8” - 27.3cm
  • Large: 11” - 27.9cm
  • X-Large: 11.3” - 28.6cm
  • XX-Large 11.5" - 29.2cm

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

Hit the hills and go full out on the flats without worrying about keeping the rubber side down. To ease your mind and stay focused on the ride, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy.

Skin Fit

Skin Fit

Products that blend performance fabrics with highly articulated patterns to create a close-fit that feels like an extension of your body. Skin Fit apparel improves aerodynamics, moisture management and thermal efficiency.

7mesh MK3 Bib Short7mesh MK3 Bib Short
  1. Sitting on the saddle, the levels of comfort are exceptional. The chamois is perfectly formed so that unwanted pressure is almost totally eradicated, whether I was on the drops, hoods or pootling around on the flats.

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  2. These are next level bib shorts. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of pairs of these and throw everything else away. They’re that good.

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  3. These bib shorts are the best shorts I have ever worn. That's a bold statement as I have a drawer full of good shorts, but these are incredibly comfortable regardless of the length of time in the saddle.

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  4. testament to the design, winner of the Transcontinental 2019, Fiona Kolbinger, chose the ladies version to keep her in comfort over the 4,000km ride. Considering a large number of riders quit with saddle sores this year, that says something!

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7mesh Mk3 Bib Short7mesh Mk3 Bib Short
7mesh Mk3 Bib Short7mesh Mk3 Bib Short
MK3 Long Distance Road Cycling Bib ShortMK3 Long Distance Road Cycling Bib Short


Product Reviews

  1. Jimmy

    Top Notch

    The MK3 Bib Short is one of the best bib shorts I have ever owned. The construction is outstanding in quality and the chamois is spot on in padding, with just enough for long rides but not so much that it is uncomfortable off the bike to walk in. The leg grippers are unobtrusive but get the job ...

  2. JP

    MK2 or MK3? MK2.5?

    My opinions below.

  3. Jason

    I’m not a fan of these bibs.

    I’ve had a year with a pair of these in rotation and here’s my take.

  4. Kai

    Solid product

    I'm very pleased with how comfortable these shorts are.
  5. Martin

    Great product

    Great fit. Very comfortable
  6. Mark

    The BEST Bib Shorts

    Heard about 7mesh from a buddy and decided to buy a pair of their bib shorts because I was experiencing saddle irritation on longer rides. I spent over 9 hours in the saddle on a 200km ride recently with NO issues. No question these are the best bibs I've every owned. One thing to be mindful of ...

  7. Tyler

    Comfort in a bag!

    This is the first item I tried from 7mesh and man, is it awesome! Right out of the bag, I loved the feel of the bibs and I knew they would feel just as good wearing them. I cut the tags immediately and after a few rides, I know that was a great decision. Highly recommend these bibs.
  8. Pete

    Well near perfect - did not feel like new bibs at all

    Ordered last week, arrived last night, worn this morning. They are a snug fit with super comfy shoulder straps (I bought M I am 5'8", 170 lbs and 33 waist). They grip well on the thighs and the chamois is perfect for a longer ride. I may well consider changing brands for those endurance ...

  9. Bruce

    Best bibs ever

    The best fit ever - support where you need it and the rest is comfort.
  10. Martin

    Very comfortable

    Great. I will be ordering more
  11. Devon

    Love the pockets!

    When heading out on a long ride these are the Bib Shorts I wear. Love the pockets to stash my ride snacks. An easy reach and then I can toss the wrapper right back in and not skip a pedal stroke. The quality is amazing and the fit is true to the sizing guide. I struggled on XS and SM as I'm at ...

  12. Julian

    Perfect chamois

    I could ride endless in this pants if only my legs would be stronger.
  13. Ben

    So close to being great bibs

    Great in many ways - chamois, material, fit, straps are fantastic. But the grippers don't work at all which unfortunately makes the whole bib hard to get comfortable in.
  14. Jason

    Great choice for big days

    The first time I tried this short, I put my longest day on the bike. A friend and I put just north of 7 hours a 200 km. Very happy with this purchase!
  15. Bill

    Super comfortable

    I've generally stayed with one other premium brand cycling shorts, but tried these and they are just super comfortable so will be switching over to the MK3s
  16. Nicholas

    Best bettered

    My two MK2 are the best, but after a cat found my laundry basket I had to pick up a new bib. The MK3 improves on the MK2 with the seamless leg openings, a subtly nicer chamois, and now I am … somehow … faster? Amazing.
  17. Jerome

    Excellent Bib Short

    After 500 Km ridden with my new MK3 purchased a month ago, I am very pleased with the compression, comfort of the chamois and the soft bib straps. At first, I have to get used to the compression. Every ride, I felt better and better from the compressed support of the fabric. The chamois offers ...

  18. Dean

    Outstanding comfort, jury out on durability

    As the owner of two pairs of MK2 bibs, buying a pair of the MK3 was close to a no-brainer. The MK2s are, by some margin, the most comfortable pair of bike shorts I've ever owned.

  19. Gordon


    The MK3 bib is the absolute GO-TO when Im not sure where Im going to. If its the kind of ride I know will feature a bit of everything I pack the MK3. Seamless leg grippers make a really good second skin feeling while the "suspender" style bib strap surprised me with the fit and feel as ...

  20. Michael

    Confidence inspiring

    The MK3's feel a touch burlier and more comfort driven than the RK1 (not that the RK1 are uncomfortable as they are not) and give you the confidence to slip them on for the long slog the day will offer knowing you will not be burdened by numbness or saddle sores. If the RK1's give you a ...

  21. Cory

    Great for long distance riding and racing.

    These are the shorts I won the past World Solo 24hr Championships in Brazil with in 2019. Over 24 hours they were comfy, so comfy I didn't even change shorts once through the whole race. That pretty much sums it up. Great comfy bibs if you want to ride long and hard!
  22. Gordon

    Exceptional - absolutely worth it

    I bought the MK3 with a degree of hesitation. I owned the MK2 and felt that they were by far the best bib shorts that I'd ever worn. My concern with the MK3 (without looking at them) was that somehow the magic would be lost in the pursuit of change. I needn't have worried.

  23. Schuyler


    I had great expectations based on the reviews and I was not disappointed. I have only worn them on the the trainer, but fit is perfect and nothing bothers me. I love how there is no hem at the bottom of the leg. 5’8” 170lbs, size M.
  24. John

    My new favourites

    A chamois attached to an inner hammock liner is a stroke of genius. The outside fabric of the shorts moves as you ride but the chamois remains comfortably in place. Ahem, no adjustments necessary as one rides. I'm tempted to abandon the Chamois Buttr when I wear them. So comfortable with just ...

  25. Parker

    Miles, Miles, Miles

    Exceptional quality, perfect fit. Out of all the bibs hanging in my closet, it is the MK3 Bib that I find myself reaching for most often. They are supportive in the saddle, and nearly un-noticeable under a jersey or t-shirt due to the soft material of the upper.
  26. Mac

    Absolutely incredible short.

    I've owned my fair share of premium cycling apparel over the years and tend to be critical of bibs. Gambled on a recommendation and picked up a pair of these early season. After about 1500km I can confidentially say that these are the best bibs I've ever owned. Supportive, durable, ...

  27. JB

    Comfortable and outstanding quality

    The shoulder straps are perfect, the chamois is comfortable and the leg straps look nice and fit great. Like them enough I'll order another pair but I'll try the cargo version!
  28. Bykguy2

    Great design fit and functionality

    I'm so impressed with these MK3 Bibs the fit is the beast of any bibs I've used in over 25yrs of racing and riding. The compression fit of the thighs combined with the freedom of movement in the hips makes them the most natural ergonomic fit I've ever experienced. The chamois offers ...

  29. Chris

    Exceptional Quality; Not the Best Fit, Personally

    I ordered these because they got very positive reviews on a couple of cycling magazine websites. My hips are 36” and through the chat feature I was told I was an XS. I’m 6’1” and didn’t want the straps to dig into my shoulders, so I sized up to a S and am I glad I did. The quality of these ...

  30. Ray

    Doesn’t work well for me

    I wanted so badly to love these shorts.They’re very well made, in Canada, by a manufacturer that appears passionate about cycling and cycling garments. Unfortunately they just aren’t an ideal fit. I don’t think it’s a question of sizing, but rather the inevitable subjectivity of fit and body ...

  31. Paul

    Love at first sit

    I love these bib shorts!

  32. Dominique


    Very comfortable. Seems hard-wearing. Excellent customer service from 7mesh staff. True to sizing chart.
  33. Jeff

    Amazing bib - you won't be disappointed

    MK3 Bib Short is the first piece of 7mesh garment I own, and it does not disappoint. I love the various materials used to address the need for durability, fit and comfort in different areas. All seams are well executed. Laser cut edges and grippers are top notch. The attention to detail is apparent. ...

  34. Nick


    (Large. 85Kg. 5’10”) I chose these on the strength of on-line reviews and really pleased I did. I found my previous brand “best” bibs for longer distances weren’t ever ‘super total comfort’ after all. These are. They are no more comfortable than others at 30 miles, but manage to get ...

  35. Dev

    An Immediate Favorite

    I love the fit and the construction - no thick seams on the inside! The aesthetic is fantastic, too.
  36. Derek

    2nd 7mesh bib

    I own a MK2 and now this MK3. I must say the material offers more compression and support than the MK2. That is definitely a plus. Although personally I liked the MK2 chamois better thus far. Maybe it is still early days as I have only done a hand full of rides in them.
  37. Kevin

    I thought I knew what good bib shorts felt like... until the MK3!

    I've tried premium bib shorts from numerous brands over the years, as well as endless amounts of bibs in "team" kits. The MK3 we're my first pair of bibs from 7mesh and I couldn't be any happier. They move with your body better than any other short I've tried. There is ...

  38. robert

    A supreme bib short

    My second 7mesh bibs, these are even better than the MK2. The material feels strangely stiff at first but once on the bike they are incredible. Fit is perfect, and comfort is outstanding.
  39. Alvaro

    Overall this is a great bib, in par with my Assos and Rapha bibs.

    Overall, I am impressed. I have experience with ASSOS, Rapha, Castelli and Pearl iZumi bibs. The 7mesh bibs are different than every other bib I have ever tried. I think the main difference is the “floating” Chamois which is a pretty cool feature but definitely takes some time to get used to it. ...

  40. Focus Rich

    My Search for a Great Bib is Over

    After only three rides I already know I can ride at least twice as far in comfort with these bibs when compared with top, leading brands. I am 5’ 10” and 164lbs and size Medium fits me perfectly. I’ll definitely be back for a second pair.
  41. Jon

    Great shorts

    Really like these shorts--good chamois support, fabric has nice compression and breathability, shorts move well, and straps are ultra comfortable. Highly recommend.
  42. Devan

    Best bib shorts

    Amazing kit! Best bib shorts I have ever owned. Shoulder straps stretch enough for me as a taller rider (6'3"). Very comfy chamois.
  43. Ignacio

    These bibs are really amazing!

    I'm 175cm at 75kg and ordered the bibs in small. Initially I thought I ordered them too small as they felt considerably tighter than my other bibs (Castelli, Pearl, & Specialized). After the first 1.5hr ride - I was totally hooked. I have now completely replaced my other bibs with the ...

  44. Danny

    No bullshit perfect shorts

    Excellent materials and construction make these shorts my go to for any ride. Works well on the road or under a pair of baggies off-road. All day comfort and fantastic durability make these an essential item for any bike related adventure.
  45. David

    Excellent Bibs

    I've got a few rides in on these bibs, and I'll be picking up several more. You almost forget that you have shorts on. There's no chafing, no random seam rub, and the fabric just makes sweat disappear. If you have a bit of a gut, you're going to have a bit of overhang in the ...

  46. Kevin

    Like the MK2 and somehow better

    The MK2 was my go to bib short. These are even better. As much as I love a matchy-matchy kit, these shorts can not be beat. A great chamois and the right amount of compression. The bibs do not shift at all, so no adjusting when on the bike.

  47. Yann


    My first purchase from 7mesh ... I was impressed! The feel is exceptional and the comfort is outstanding. I have had these shorts now for 6 months and they still feel like new ... well done!
  48. Justin

    Easily the best bibs I own

    I decided to try these bibs after seeing the review in I have to admit that in my first ride, a short 50km, I felt ambivalent about them, they were comfy but not much more so than my other bibs. However after a couple rides and on any long ride these bibs really came in to their own. ...

  49. Daniel

    Really comfortable and perfect for long days.

    I used the MK3 Bib Shorts during Morocco Bike Adventure 2019, a 2500km long bikepacking event that took me 13 days of riding. These were the only cycling bibs I brought and they performed great. I washed them a couple of times with soap and cold water. The seamless chamois is really comfortable for ...

  50. Sebastien

    Very good !

    These 7mesh Mk3 bib shorts are the best shorts I have ever worn. Very comfortable for long rides.
  51. G

    Worth it

    The fit is spot on and the chamois is perfect for the longer days in the saddle. These bibs are durable enough to survive a bushwhack or two as well. Superior comfort!
  52. HENRI

    Perfect fit

    Already got MK2, which convinced to try MK3. Same quality, still a great look, all in all, an awesome product, a lot better than many shorts on the market and comparable to very high end competitors products.
  53. Kerry Werner Jr

    Athlete Pick

    With a longer fitting leg than my other shorts, I was initially bummed about my, what would become, wonky tan lines. However, I quickly got over that after just 10min in the saddle. The chamois isn't stitched into place like most traditional bibs. It's almost as if it has a life of its own ...

  54. Felix Burke

    Athlete Pick

    The details on this bib short are outstanding. From the comfortable straps to the stretchy fabric to the cushion, they almost feel more like boxer briefs than they do a cycling short, but they will take you and your bum to the ends of the earth.
  55. Vince

    Very Impressed

    I feel as though bibs are one of those things that sometimes you avoid upgrading for a long time because you become accustomed with your “old one” you’ve had for many years. I had been hearing lots of great things about the 7mesh bibs through my friends, so I finally took the leap and finally ...

  56. Matthias

    Superior bib shorts gets even better

    The MK3 is ultra-comfy bib-shorts with a slight compression. I already own the MK2 which is also an outstanding bib short. As with its predecessor, the workmanship and design of the MK3 chamois as well as the absence of seams in the relevant areas deserve special mention. In terms of sizing, I am ...

  57. REV Cycling

    Fan-Tastic Bib

    I have ridden this new bib short on multiple 6-hour training rides. My longest ride thus far is a 200 miler (11 hours) and I can honestly say I was very impressed with the comfort of the chamois, the compression on the legs and the overall fit was also excellent. Additionally, when you take the ...

  58. Sam

    HUGE Improvement over the MK2

    The MK3 are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of bibs I own. I really think the additional compression has made this pair leaps and bounds better than the MK2.


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