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Men's Revelation Jacket

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Go anywhere, do anything. Give your best in the very worst conditions with our all-mountain, fully waterproof jacket. Built for epic adventures, with everything you need when the weather goes sideways.

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Take a look at any young brand, and you’ll find a statement product that sets the tone, creates a wave and points to the future. For 7mesh, it’s the Revelation jacket. Although when we launched the original version in 2014, the Revelation didn’t so much point to the future as into the distance - and that’s where it’s ready to take you.

The Revelation is our take on a classic all-conditions bike jacket. We designed it because we couldn’t find a weatherproof outer layer that did everything well, one that could handle local loops and ultra expeditions. In other words, a waterproof cycling jacket that excels when the weather turns and the rain sets in, wherever you’re riding. Luckily, we had our hometown of Squamish - top contender for the wettest place in Canada - to help us with the rain. For the rest, it was down to our designers.

Like all of our jackets, the Revelation is patterned for the bike, but during development, we eased the fit to allow a little room for layering and campfire comfort. You’ll notice the length is just right across the front and back, with freedom across the hips, even when you’re hunched over the bars. And it won’t hang at the front, or bind at the shoulders, as lesser jackets tend to do.

The fabric throughout is GORE-TEX Pro®, a technology chosen for its superior ability to provide breathability with durable weather protection. In practice, it has the widest functioning range of use of any Gore-Tex material, making it an obvious choice for the bike, where temperatures can often fluctuate minute by minute. Naturally, it’s engineered to meet the Gore-tex “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” standard, a solid-gold assurance that waterproofness is reliably retained for the life of the jacket.

Trims include zippered forearm vents and side vents that double as pass-throughs for easy access to jersey pockets. A removable under-helmet hood complete with brim extends the usefulness of the jacket in mixed conditions. Hand pockets hold essentials, while the adjustable hem, cuffs and hood provide a customized fit. Thoughtful elements of reflectivity at the rear and cuffs complete the jacket.



  • GORE-TEX® 3L Pro - 40d Nylon Plain Weave / RGR Backer


  • 299g


  • DR-Snap Removable Under Helmet Hood 
  • Watertight Zippered Hand Pockets 
  • Watertight Zippered Side Vents/Jersey Access 
  • Watertight Zippered Forearm Intake Vents
  • SmoothLock Hem & Hood Adjustment
  • Adjustable Velcro Cuffs
  • Soft Brushed Collar and Chin Guard
  • 8mm Seam Tape
  • Reflective Details

Care Instructions


  • Machine Wash 40'C
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Iron Low
  • Do Not Dry Clean

Gore-Tex Product Care Page

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed Fit

Perfect for layering or a more laidback vibe, Relaxed Fit products combine articulated patterns with an eased shape that works on or off the bike.



Made with GORE-TEX® Pro for superior waterproof protection and breathability. Passes the Gore-Tex® “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” standard, a guarantee that waterproofness reliably holds up for the life of the piece.



Built for fast descents, chills starts and late finishes, GORE-TEX® Pro blocks the wind to help keep you comfortable and temperature-balanced.

7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue
7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue
  1. Throw one on and you’ll realize that it’s the real deal. Actually taking the Revelation out for a test spin inspires more lust and appreciation.

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  2. Out riding in the Revelation, I was always comfortable, its fit and fabric make it a really exceptional jacket.

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7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue
7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue7mesh Revelation Jacket - Howe Sound Blue

Product Reviews

  1. bmxspears

    Good fit, lightweight/packable, waterproof

    I bought this jacket to bring on the GDMBR. Didn't have to use it much until I made it to NM where I rode in the rain for hours almost every day. I can't imagine a jacket performing better than this did for the job. The rear zippers were helpful to be able to access my phone in my back ...

  2. Jon

    Wind/rain/snow/hail, no problem

    Having now worn my Revelation jacket in just about every brutal weather condition, I'll say it's the best jacket I've ever had. From cold, windy days bikepacking in the high Sonoran Desert of AZ to an early spring tour from WA to CA during snow storms, rain, hail and cold winds, it ...

  3. Noah

    This jacket is so right

    I’ve been using this jacket through Oregon’s winter riding season and it continues to impress me. The cut and fit is perfect. The materials are some of the best. It oozes quality. If you ride in weather do yourself a favor and stop being cold and wet.
  4. Adam

    Almost perfect

    I bought this jacket to replace my aging Pace 3x3 eVent jacket for winter riding. Had it about a month now. I was wanting to try a jacket with a removable hood but didn't want the over the helmet variety that seems so popular now. Can't see how that would work with a helmet light for ...

  5. Handsomened

    Good piece of kit, could use improvements

    I've got all together too many rain jackets, mostly because they all let me down in various ways, so I was looking for a 100% waterproof breathable jacket that I could ride in all day and stay dry. This one ALMOST does it. The good: truly waterproof, great on bike and off bike fit, vents ...

  6. Kristian

    Is it even raining?

    I got this beauty just in time to start commuting in the midst of atmospheric rivers, and even by Pac Nor'West standards, the rain has been torrential this winter. I have other waterproof pieces that seeped at the seams, but not this gem!

  7. George

    Absolutely waterproof

    Live and ride in the rainforest on Vancouver Island. This jacket is wonderfully waterproof and windproof. Highly recommended for winter riding in the rain!
  8. Sam

    Great jacket with quality materials

    So far the Revelation Jacket is living up to its name, what a revelation! The attention to detail is great with 7mesh items, so glad I found the brand, will be kitting myself up for the upcoming winter season for sure.
  9. Florian

    Great Product so far

    I used the jacket for 5 rides during the last month in temperatures from 5 to minus 2 degree as water and wind protection. Jacket looks and feels great, Waterproof is excellent but I am even more impressed by the breathability. Fit for me is a bit to long. But that’s better then to short. Live ...

  10. Loïc

    Waterproofing at it's best

    I hot the Revelation jacket about a month ago and am very very pleased by the performances it offers!

  11. Jeff from North Van

    Survived the Whistler Enduro sans hypothermia due to this jacket

    Awesome jacket. I picked one up right before the 2021 Canadian National Enduro MTB Champs to help me cope with the “atmospheric river” that was to come. The jacket was a lifesaver. Being of quality goretex, the waterproofing and breathability was to be expected, but what really sets this ...

  12. Marc

    Fantastic Jacket

    Great fit, big vents let you wear it in that awkward rainy but not that cold ride and stay cool. Kept perfectly dry over a 4 ride in a hard ride and almost forgotten it was raining. It is a go to item for me.
  13. Hez

    Quite simply a Revelation!

    Having tried most premium MTB specific jackets I was sceptical about this being any different for the increased price tag but took the risk! So glad I did, fits like a glove and keeps me dry and ventilated at the same time. With winter rapidly approaching here in the UK I’m confident this jacket ...

  14. Peter

    Great jacket for rainy days

    A superb jacket! I am 178cm with 78kg and bought size M. Excellent fit and high quality which keeps me dry during rainy and cool days. A merino baselayer together with the Revelation Jacket keep me warm in temperatures down to 8 degres.

  15. Andrew

    Ride with it to love it

    The Revelation is certainly an expensive item…but you get what you pay for. I was skeptical at first, but then I took it out for a ride. Then I realized how good the fit, functionality and feeling of the jacket are. The vents are excellent for airflow and the waterproof capability is outstanding. ...

  16. Shaun

    Commute King

    I commute to work by bike everyday so a quality waterproof jacket was necessary for my routine. Having tried many others in the past few years I have to say the fit and function of the revelation is hands down superior to the others. It’s extremely waterproof and perfectly tailored.

  17. Yvonne

    My New Go-To jacket

    I bought my Revelation jacket for cycling but I love it so much it has become my "go to" jacket for everything from hiking, kayaking, walking the dog and windy days at the beach. Love this jacket! Well made, water proof and comfy!
  18. Michael

    Looks great and offers great protection from the elements

    So far its been more cool and windy here in SW Ontario for spring 2020, and my jacket has offered great protection for those rides allowing me to maintain minimal insulation underneath necessary to keep warm.
  19. Lucas

    Believe the hype

    I spent quite some time looking for a premium rain jacket that could do everything from gravel to mtb to daily commuting and this jacket was by far the best option. I tried a Shower's Pass Refuge but found the fit to be too generic for serious riding. Not only does 7mesh excel in the quality of ...

  20. Josh

    My goto bike packing/mt biking rain gear!

    I have had this jacket for 2 years and it is the best for extreme weather and packability for bikepacking. It is highly breathable and has plenty of vents for loaded high efforts to dump heat. I have also paired it with the Revo short for a full coverage setup. Keep up the great work, fit and ...

  21. Greg

    Lightweight and unbelievably breathable while shedding any water that comes my way

    This jacket is an outstanding piece of kit. Since it arrived I have been wearing it for everything. Damp time of year! The rain shedding is amazing. I have been out in some serious weather and my whole attitude towards ugly days is changing. From past experience with esteemed brands I didn't ...

  22. kim Raeymaekers

    Superb jacket

    I used this jacket in the 2019 Tour Divide. whenever there was bad weather coming and believe me, there were a few occasions that it was pouring like it was a monsoon rain shower. It still kept me dry and warm while riding in the mountains. the hood you can attach to the jacket and it makes sure ...

  23. Gerard

    The best existing waterproof jacket

    I own a Revelation jacket for a year and a half. During all this time I have to admit that the Revelation jacket performed better than I could ever think of. Not only it surprisingly repelled all torrential rain I had during four days in the Westbank while keeping me super dry in the inside (first ...

  24. Pierre Arnaud le Magnan (Chiru bikes)

    Athlete Pick

    This jacket is amazing! The weather shifts so quickly when you are in the mountains, if you make the wrong choice, you could be changing your layers every two hours. Take the rain as an example – at 3000 metres, the temperature can drop 20°C (68°F) in minutes. How are you going to adapt to ...

  25. Chad

    Best jacket I’ve ever owned. Period.

    Breathable, Comfortable ergonomic bike fit, and bulletproof in the rain. This gear ROCKS!
  26. Denis

    Awesome quality

    Awesome jacket. This spring I bought this biking jacket to replace my old rain gear. I have finally found my dream jacket. It has all I’ve ever wanted from a biking waterproof jacket: hood, ‘forward’ designed sleeves, longer sleeves and back, light weight and best Gore-tex available. Over the ...

  27. David

    Perfect Day to test the Revelation

    The gravel adventure started with a mist in the parking lot.

  28. jack

    Best multi-use hardshell.

    I’ve had this jacket since 2016, have beaten it with constant use in the grime and grit from trails and taken a few tumbles in it but every time it comes out of the wash it looks absolutely perfect and no signs of wear. I also own the Rebellion and Renegade which are my designated road jackets. ...

  29. Hashem

    Amazing for all activities

    I use my revelation jacket for cycling, running, skiing an walking around rainy Vancouver and it works great for all cases. Its got amazing build quality and fit so it works well in all activities and has held up extremely well. When combined with the Outflow Primaloft it actually makes for an ...


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