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Our Story

The Ride So Far

We’re a community of bikers, distillers, strivers and seekers. From the backwoods to the blacktop, 7mesh gear stands for craft, precision, and the never-ending pursuit of better.

7mesh was born out of the realisation that while technical apparel for backcountry adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts had reached peaks of innovation, bike riders had been left behind. And as seasoned apparel professionals as well as roadies and mountain bikers, we knew that cyclists deserved better. So in 2013 we quit our jobs, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.

Our first line debuted in the spring of 2015. Since then, from the foothills of the Coast Mountains in Squamish, Canada, we’ve been equipping a global community of adventure seekers with alpine-grade bike apparel for road and trail riding in all conditions.

7mesh Team In Squamish Office

The Road Ahead

As our collection has grown to meet the needs of our community, so too has our company; as of 2018 we’ve grown from our founding team of 3 to 8 people, and last year we formed a strategic partnership with fellow Canadian brand, lululemon. While our flexible friends down the road in Vancouver might put lycra to an altogether different use, we recognised in them a shared perfectionism, a collaborative approach, and an enduring obsession with research and development to build genuinely exceptional sportswear.

The 7mesh x lululemon partnership provides our small company with access to new technologies and opportunities, preserves our independence and accelerates the development of new collections for the seasons to come.

7mesh Team Riding in Chilcotins Backcountry

Our Process

Designing bike apparel is part curiosity, refinement, stitching and stubbornness. Sometimes, progress. But if anyone asks us about the 7mesh approach, we tell them the story of the Seventeen Hoods.

It began simply enough: Ian, our VP of R&D was looking to make a better hood for the Revelation jacket. But with each new hood he made, he saw that it was only a suggestion of something better. So he kept cutting patterns and stitching fabric long into the night. In the morning when we rode through the door, we found him dead asleep, face down on a pile of hoods. Seventeen versions later, Ian had finally found what he’d been looking for: the perfect bike hood; at least for now.

While not every product requires an office overnighter, our multitasking team nevertheless designs, prototypes, and tests each one of our products in-house. It’s a hands-on, intensive process, but we know from long experience that when you’re trying to build something special, it’s the only way that works.

7mesh Office
7mesh Headquarters