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Our Name & Logo

Our Name

7mesh isn’t a real word. But it was inspired by a very important one.

Over the last century anthropologists have worked alongside members of the Squamish Nation to document their spoken language. The BC Native Language Project developed the writing system used today, resulting in our town becoming known as both Squamish and Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh. As aspiring allies we chose to reference and give thanks for our location, without wanting to reinforce the adoption of colonial place names and the erasure of Indigenous language. ‘7mesh’ is our nod to the true history of this area, and represents our commitment to contribute to progress on Indigenous issues in our country.

Why is progress needed? The awful truth is that Canada's history of colonialism and treatment of Indigenous Peoples is dark, and needs to be recognized. For example, BC is home to 34 distinct Indigenous languages, all of which are endangered. These languages were severely impacted over many decades by government policies designed to eliminate Indigenous cultures completely. Erasure of Indigenous language is real, and it is ongoing. But there is some progress, and the growing recognition and return of Indigenous place and landmark names is an important early step in reconciliation.

At 7mesh we are on a learning journey, and we encourage all people to familiarize themselves with the difficult parts of Canada’s history, including residential schools and the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Let’s celebrate positive steps - but especially for those of us that are settlers and aspiring allies, let’s also recognize we have a long, long way to go.

Several organizations champion the revitalization of First Nations language and culture in Canada. Our strongest partnership is with the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program, learn more about the work we're doing together here.

7mesh has also contributed to:

Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh Lil̓wat7úl Cultural Centre

First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation

New Hope Community Bikes

Reconciliation Canada

Our Logo

Our logo is also inspired from our region, a ‘7m’ that pays homage to the icons of adventure that oversee our efforts each day. The ‘7’ represents the rugged vista of Nch’kay (Mt. Garibaldi), and the ‘m’ stylizes the rugged curves of Siyám Smánit (the Stawamus Chief). These incredible landmarks inspire our team and our community, and symbolize the unending opportunity to find new adventures.

Check out our Aspiring Allies page to learn more about our partnership with IYMBP, and for resources to learn more about Indigenous affairs and reconciliation in Canada.