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Equipped for the cold and ready for the long ride, keep your balance in our Polartec® Alpha bike jacket.

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The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

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The Alpha Insulation is very

The Alpha Insulation is very warm and comfortable; so soft! The backing fabric breathes well and is quiet. The way you can attach the packed jacket to your bike is ingenious. The fit is ok: bear in mind there is no material stretch this jacket. If you want to wear this off the bike too you may want to size up. My only gripe is the decision not to use alpha direct. The alpha fabric used in this jacket is a separate layer that can slide around separate to the outer fabric. In my experience this leads to the insulation in the sleeves sometimes being pushed out when i push my hand through, resulting in me having to poke it back in place.
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Kyle | Oct 13, 2022
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Oooooo doggie I dig this

Oooooo doggie I dig this piece! Exactly what the doctor ordered on a cooler but not cold morning ride.
Verified Purchaser
Brad | May 17, 2022
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I was super excited to

I was super excited to try the Freeflow jacket out. This is my first piece of cycling kit from 7mesh. I had heard great things from a friend so decided to finally take the plunge! I'm 6ft 175lbs and ordered a size large. For reference I wear size large in Rapha pro team training jerseys, classic, brevet and core jerseys. I like most of my kit fitted but not skin tight so this Freeflow jacket fits that bill perfectly. I can wear a long sleeve jersey and gilet underneath and it doesn't feel too tight. I've also ridden with just a jersey underneath and the Freeflow jacket feels fitted and not too loose. The interior polartec alpha insulation is super soft and nice to the touch. I've ridden in temps as low as -2 Celsius and has kept me plenty warm with a long sleeve jersey underneath. As for breathability, I would say it's okay, I perspire quite a bit usually and this jacket is no different than others for me...i overheat and have to unzip. But that's likely a me problem. I liked the jacket so much I ordered a pair of cargo bibs to try too!
Verified Purchaser
Alex | Apr 20, 2022
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Great jacket for cold days

Great jacket for cold days and really cold days. I had to size up from what I normally wear which makes it a looser fit but not too loose that ends catches in as I ride. When the weather does warm up, it breathes nicely so you don't overheat. And if the weather really warms up, you can back it in the jersey pocket.
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Kevin | Apr 19, 2022
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I simply do not know

I simply do not know how it is possible to make a jacket this warm fit into a jersey pocket. I threw this on over a double jersey and arm warmers on a 5 degree day. I stopped after 10 minutes to take off everything but my thin race jersey, and this jacket. It blocked the wind in the right spots, and kept me a comfortable temperature the whole ride.
Verified Purchaser
Chris | Apr 4, 2022
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Warm, windproof, super packable.

Warm, windproof, super packable.
Verified Purchaser
Dan | Feb 24, 2022
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In a nutshell, I adore

In a nutshell, I adore this jacket, and can already tell it'll be in constant rotation. Definitely comes in handy for early commutes, and stows away nicely in a frame bag (I use the apidura race frame bag 4L for reference)
Verified Purchaser
Tubs | Feb 14, 2022
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Well designed and crafted piece

Well designed and crafted piece of clothing. Perfectly inslulated where necessary, windproof but thin and flexible where required. Trim ideally fits biker's position. P e r f e c t!
Verified Purchaser
Wojciech | Jan 30, 2022
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I'm 170 cm tall and

I'm 170 cm tall and weigh 72 kg. I ordered size Large. This was the correct size for me. I wanted a fitted but not form fitting jacket. i was looking for a bicycling jacket that was light weight for winter riding, with some wet protection. I ride for pleasure and for moderate exercise. I don't ride when it's raining but may be caught out unexpectedly. When bicycling at or near 0 C, I used both a thin base and mid layer underneath the free flow. Surprisingly (to me), this thin, light weight jacket was an excellent wind breaker. The fit was perfect in the riding position, with a snug fit at the wrists, neck and waist. When bicycling moderately, I was not hot, not cold nor was I 'sweaty' with moisture. I was perfectly comfortable. This is my go to outfit while bicycling this winter. I am more than pleased with this purchase, and would not hesitate to recommend it. I make use of the single left side large zippered pocket. I wish there was also a pocket on the right side (doesn't have to be as large).
Verified Purchaser
Ernst | Jan 18, 2022
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Perfect jacket keeps you warm

Perfect jacket keeps you warm while allowing wicking to keep you from overheating
Verified Purchaser
Thomas | Dec 20, 2021
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