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A hooded, pack-down wind-protective jacket made for cool starts and late finishes, featuring innovative on-bike storage straps.

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Grandiose but the famous details ....

Actually the best and most flexible jacket in the range but unfortunately with weaknesses in detail. First of all, I really like 7mesh, the idea behind it, the story, absolutely terrific and it's a mystery to me how 7mesh manages to make their stuff so thin, light and airy and yet robust .... The Northwood is absolutely brilliant, I wear the jacket at 10 degrees or even in windy 20 degrees, the temperature is always perfect. The jacket just feels great, the feel-good factor is remarkable. I wear the jacket when cycling, running or walking and so far I have been super satisfied, until two things changed .... Firstly, I bought a larger backpack with a hip belt and an Apple Watch Ultra and I noticed two negative things about the Northwood. The jacket is just too long. I'm 1.85 tall and wear a medium and the jacket covers my trouser pockets, it's a pain to have to completely open the hip belt of the backpack to push the jacket up to access the contents of my trouser pockets. I also think the jacket is cut a little too wide, with the hip belt folded down you look like a mushroom in the jacket, the jacket bulges out in a big arc underneath, visually just awful but since it only refers to the backpack with hip belt, I don't deduct a point in my rating for this, the jacket is too good in all other disciplines and so far I'm at 5 stars .... However, there is one thing I cannot accept, not for a jacket for 160€, and that is the cuff. It's so unyielding, it's a pain to uncover the ultra. I had problems with my app that records my workout, it kept interrupting the workout and I wanted to manually control the workout on the watch. I almost fell twice because I couldn't get the wristband of the Northwood over this stupid watch, the wristband kept getting caught on the watch. Dear 7mesh team, it is an absolute impertinence to offer such a rigid and unyielding wristband and your otherwise very good jacket drops to two stars. It can't be difficult to use a flexible elasticated waistband, as you managed to do with the Callaghan Merino Hoody.
Frank | May 27, 2023
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Brilliant Wind Jacket

Fantastic jacket and used it in and off the bike. Keeps the wind off and survived a heavy Scottish rain shower keeping me warm and dry. I would normally order a large but medium is a better fit for the bike. Packs down small and great for travelling as well as on the bike.
Richard | May 10, 2023
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