Men's Rebellion Jacket Hi-Vis

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A fully weatherproof road and fast gravel jacket, made with GORE-TEX® Active 3L, featuring eye-catching colour contrast panels and thoughtful reflectivity in critical areas.

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Watertight zippered side pocket

Pass through vents provide jersey pocket access

High-visibility colour blocking

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The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'10 with a 39" chest and is wearing a size medium.

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Great jacket

Comfortable in the saddle. Doesn't flap in the wind at all. Sturdy zippers. Looks great. This is the one wind/rain layer I carry when bike touring. The only thing I would change for my own purposes would be some stretch in the chest so it's a bit more comfortable when around camp and not in the riding position.
Colin | Apr 8, 2023
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I have really leaned on

I have really leaned on this jacket this winter as the temps dropped and we had lots of sleet and rain. I appreciate the longer cuffs and the rear part of the jacket to prevent water and mud getting in underneath. It's also a little thicker so keeps me warmer and dryer. The "high-vis" colours and sleeves also mean cars can see me when on the road which is essential through the winter and shoulder seasons. Great jacket
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Rj | Jan 20, 2022
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I bought this jacket in

I bought this jacket in October 2021, just as BC was entering a record breaking rainy season characterized by a parade of atmospheric rivers. So glad I did. The rebellion has kept me dry and comfortable on many rides in horrible conditions, and i mean horrible, 5mm of rain a hour kind of days. The fit is slim but not form fitting. It has a nice silhouette but there is room to layer and load your pockets. I've had tight fitting jackets before which looked great, but once you put anything in your pockets, it became uncomfortable, or the protection for your backside became compromised. This isn't the case with the rebellion. It's patterned perfectly for it's purpose. There is a bit of extra room that causes some flappiness in the wind, but it's not horrible. As for the Hi-Vis factor, it's bright! My wife happened to drive by me while i was out riding in a storm one day and she said i was highly visible. The jacket was bang on the advertised weight of 200g. It also packs down very small. It's unfortunate that the pocket is packs into is sort of ball shaped as it makes it a bit hard to stuff into a jersey pocket. Would have been better if it was more cylinder shaped. But fortunately when packed there is actually enough room space in its packed form to squish and smaller and mold it a bit. Overall, i'm stoked with this jacket and confident i can ride long in some pretty brutal weather.
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Cory O. | Dec 1, 2021
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I love the cut and

I love the cut and feel of the Rebellion. It fits me like a glove. I usually don't care about the weather forecast, so I have been ridden hundreds of kilometers in light to heavy downpours / steady rain, without feeling uncomfortable. When its getting totally worth, the thunderpants are a superb addition. But also as a wind blocking device in winter / late fall, combined with several sublayers the rebellion performs great. Some minor drawbacks: - the drawcord strings of the zippers, I would love to see a more handier / solid versions in the future - the flex material at the cuffs doesn't withstand glove velcro well... I had this issue with different jackets (Outflow Jacket for example) In the previous version, the outer cuff material was also from Gore Active Shell C-Knit, while the actual uses Gore (performance?) with tricot liner, which feels a little bit stiffer But these are only minor issues - overall the jacket is exceptional!
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Matthias | Nov 17, 2021
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The biggest flaw in most

The biggest flaw in most cycling jackets I have found is zipper durability. The zippers on this jacket are heavy-duty. Nothing like being out in the cold and the rain and the zipper is stuck! I don't think that can happen with this jacket. Love the tight fitting zippered sleeves to get over my gloves. The colors are fabulous. Wish you made all your jackets with zippered sleeves.
Verified Purchaser
John | Oct 20, 2021
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No wet spots on my

No wet spots on my under garments.
Verified Purchaser
Rod | Mar 30, 2021
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Looks good and works well

Looks good and works well in light rain (haven't tried heavy rain yet). Very cycling specific cut, so not as good for sports with lots of overhead arm motions, but there are limits to what you can do with non-stretch fabric, so still great for cycling, but maybe not axe throwing.
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Rod | Mar 6, 2021
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This is an excellent jacket.

This is an excellent jacket. I did 70km on gravel yesterday where it rained almost the whole time. This breathes well so I don’t simply sweat inside a bag while protecting me from the worst of the rain and adding a bit of warmth to my ride. The only funny part was the fit across the chest which is tight when you’re standing regularly. It fits fine when you’re riding but I had to call a friend who has the jacket to make sure I simply hadn’t ordered the wrong size, yes it’s that snug standing. I unzip the jacket a bit if I’m standing around to increase the comfort.
Verified Purchaser
Curtis | Jan 1, 2021
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