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Men's Thunder Pant

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When it’s cold and wet, the only thing that can keep your lower half all day-dry is waterproof pant - a Thunder Pant, to be exact.

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Watertight leg zippers for putting on with shoes and double slider for venting

Large reflective logos

Trim-to-length inseam

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The model is 5'11 with a 38.5" hip and is wearing a size medium.

The model is 5'11 with a 38.5" hip and is wearing a size medium.

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I’ve been cycling consistently since

I’ve been cycling consistently since 1986 including competitive road, long-distance touring, commuting, and recent gravel riding. It’s provided an opportunity to put the evolution of fabrics and emerging technologies through the rigors and challenges of fit, function, and longevity. These are the best I’ve worn, ever. Fit is subjective but these are ideal for me, and are most comfortable. Function—especially during shoulder season rides, I’m often faced with putting gear on, off, on, off, with the frequent changes in temperature and precipitation across several hours on a long ride. I’ve put these on at the start of a ride and they remain comfortable across a decent range of conditions. I’ve only had them a year, but so far indicate they’re good for the long game. The stitching and build are robust, and they’re constructed like Fort Knox.
Verified Purchaser
Phil | Oct 26, 2022
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Bomber review. Recently completed the

Bomber review. Recently completed the Colorado Trail race where at times we were bombarded by near-freezing rain and wind. The 7mesh rain pants... painfully expensive. Absolute beasts of protection. Light, reinforced / extra durable in the crotch and cut perfectly to avoid rubbing them into bike/chain or otherwise. Saw a lot of people using non-cycling specific pants and even pants cut into shorts because the cuffs would get stuck in their chains. Crazy! If you're in need of some bullet-proof rain pants, 7mesh is crafting some gear that actually can help you do crazier things. I like that a lot
Verified Purchaser
Robert | Sep 21, 2022
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I bought these to back

I bought these to back up my Revo waterproof shorts for really foul conditions. To be honest, Ive worn the shorts more often than the full pants even in really cold conditions the shorts are great and give plenty of freedom of movement and I generally find I keep warm enough provided I keep moving. But for those really horrible days the pants are great. I did find it hard to fit idp7 Sam Hill knee pads under them as the below-the-knee part of the trousers are quite snug. Expensive but worth it in my view for those really horrible wet/cold days!
Verified Purchaser
Pat | Aug 7, 2022
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I adore those amazing rain

I adore those amazing rain pant, I could do yoga in a rain storm and it would be bliss.
Verified Purchaser
Yetzerhara | Jul 31, 2022
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These pants will keep you

These pants will keep you dry. My first ride was in whistler in the pouring rain and I thought I would be drenched by the end of the ride. To my surprise 3 hours later I was bone dry. These pants will endure all the mud, water, snow, and riding you can throw at them and out the other side unscathed. A truly outstanding pair of waterproof pants.
Verified Purchaser
Jack | Jun 25, 2022
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Had many waterproof shorts over

Had many waterproof shorts over the years and finally bit the bullet on the thunder pants. Doesn’t matter how wet it is out there they keep you dry. A zip on the front would be a welcome addition as would a little more room for knee pads as I’ve had to buy some that are slightly less bulky to fit underneath.
Verified Purchaser
Dave | Apr 15, 2022
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Kept me warm and dry

Kept me warm and dry in recent downpours. Lightweight, fit is great, breath very well. The quality so far (a month) is good. The long leg zippers make on and off easy and quick, including over hiking boots. Have used them for road and mountain biking and hiking. The unique cuff is a great idea. Matched with 7Mesh jacket, can get out all weather. Worth the $$$.
Verified Purchaser
Wygati | Mar 16, 2022
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The waist construction is sublime

The waist construction is sublime and the on-bike fit is next level. It's a bit annoying (for blokes) going for a pee as they're is no zipper. I 6ft 2" and medium fits perfect. I haven't cut the neoprene cuffs as i left i wanted the length they offered. Gore-tex pro is bomb proof used them in horrible, sandy offraod conditions and they remain dry inside. My one bug bare with 7mesh is they could make the product imagery so much better on site by actually showing the product features properly. The product looks a little bit underwhelming onsite but actually the product in hand is amazing with so much thought gone into construction and fit.
Verified Purchaser
Rob | Mar 11, 2022
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Being new to the long

Being new to the long pants phenoma, I tried a pair with just DWR coating. which were OK, but I wanted waterproof! Bought these around a month ago, and have since worn them numerous times. The on bike fit is superb, the fasteners are excellent, although answering a call of nature on the trail can be problematic. I haven't had to shorten them and I really like the velcro ankle fastening. They fit over both pairs of winter waterproof boots I have perfectly. They offer fantastic wind protection as well. Recently I was fortunate enough to go for a ride in a deluge. Got back after a couple of hours on the trail, my legs (and body - thanks to the revelation jacket) were completely dry. Except for a small damp patch on my waterproof socks, but as large parts of the trail resembled a river this is acceptable. If you're looking for a pair of pants that are comfortable, windproof and waterproof and can afford them, then treat yourself. I was so impressed with them I bought my wife a pair and treated myself to a revelation jacket. I am now looking with interest at their lines.
Verified Purchaser
Adam | Mar 3, 2022
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These will keep you dry.

These will keep you dry. They breathe well and they sleeve around the angle is just perfect against the elements. Just wish it had a bigger pocket.
Verified Purchaser
Yetidh | Mar 3, 2022
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