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Chamois Guide
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Chamois Guide


No Zigs, No Zags

When Ian, our VP of Product started designing the very first pair of 7mesh bib shorts, he’d never even set eyes on a raw chamois. Luckily, he’d spent the past decade making hyper complex climbing kit, so he quickly got up to speed. And with the benefit of fresh thinking, he saw that where other bibs were poorly stitched and badly finished, he could create something that looked beautiful inside and out, one that placed seams away from sensitive areas, and integrated the chamois on a separate layer for unmatched comfort. He called this concept Clean Finish tailoring, and it soon spread to every single piece of 7mesh apparel.

Take a Seat

How did choosing a chamois get so complicated? We got tired of specs that said little, and went with our butts, testing every chamois under the sun until we settled on two stand out pads from Italian brand Elastic Interface, before re-engineering them to meet the needs of each padded short.

Look inside a 7mesh Lycra short, and you’ll see either the Force or Space chamois — strange names, great pads. They both do the same job, but excel in slightly different areas.

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The Force Chamois

Force is a supple, slim profile chamois that excels on fast, hot rides where maximum breathability matters more than outright endurance. But don’t let its focus on speed over distance fool you — Force can do the big days. But if you’re riding back to-backs and value support over anything else, take a look at Space.

  • Air mapping system: cut out wings in sensitive areas for maximum breathability.
  • Ultra dense top foam gives a supportive, yet flexible form fitting performance chamois.
  • Men's - Central channel specific for male anatomy to relieve pressure and improved blood flow.
  • Women's - Dual-density Central insert: 70kg/m3 relieves pressure.
  • ECO X-fifty top fabric.

Men's Force Chamois

Women's Force Chamois

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The Space Chamois

The Space chamois is our model of choice for long, repeat days in the saddle. With a thoughtful form factor that invites cooling airflow where it matters, Space lays out mile after mile of plush comfort, bouncing back from even the toughest days to provide resilient, repeat-ride support throughout the season.

  • High density foam throughout creates a stable platform and allows your body to sink for the long haul.
  • Perforated top layer foam for breathability.
  • Men's - Central channel specific for male anatomy to relieve pressure and improved blood flow.
  • Women's - Central inserts that support female anatomy.
  • Perforated top layer foam for breathability
  • ECO X-fifty top fabric.

Men's Space Chamois

Women's Space Chamois

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Foundation Bike Underwear

The Foundation bike underwear is made with a free-feeling low profile chamois offering refreshing airflow right where it's needed most while drying fast under intense efforts in hot conditions. The Foundation bike underwear provides "just enough" cushion on short rides, gravel grinds, park days and anything that ends with an extended après.

  • Minimilist invisible chamois
  • Highly perforated foam for maximum breathability
  • Proprietary thermoform chamois installation 
  • Polyester top surface for maximum dry fabrics
  • Thin 80kg/m3 foam 

Men’s Foundation Boxer Brief - Cut out wings to relieve pressure and provide maximum breathability, while still providing ample security dudring the ride.

Women’s Foundation Brief - The Brief format provides coverage while maximizing breathability for even the hottest days of riding.

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